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O.K., I would like to try to add a twist to Ceramic DM.

It is normal for us to have a slow start-up followed by a bunch of people saying "I wanted to playand missed the call for entries" so i am going ot try a new approach. Instead of signing up for the new game i will be posting 6 pictures soon and anyone who wants to play will have 1 week to come up with the best adventure/story they can. From this field of contenders the three judges will pick 8 (possibly 16 if there are enough entries) and the contest will continue normally from there.

This edition of Ceramic DM will focus on a Modern/Spycraft theme.

Rules are as follows:

1. 72 hours to complete and entry once the pictures are posted.

2. Reading a competitors entry is a no-no until you have posted yours.

3. No editing. None. No excuses.

4. If you are forced to withdraw due to time constraints you will be asked to sit the next Ceramic DM out. We understand that stuff happens and bear no ill will towards those who get busy or are struck by real life, but dropping out cheapens your opponents victory somewhat. Sit out 1 round, then you are welcome again. :)

5. Stories or adventures are acceptable.

6. Modern/Spycraft will tend towards modern subjects(duh). This does not give you permission to ignore Erics Grandma.

7. Discussion of judges decisions should be respectful and brief, if oyu feel the need to continue a discussion of a judges decision past a single response please do so in email.

8. If you exceed the 72 hour deadline you at the mercy of your opponent. If they give you more time be thankful. If they don't- no whining, you had 3 days!

9. Ceramic DM is about the writing and the community and fun. If you are playing for some other reason you are in the wrong place.

10. Prematch trash talking is acceptable and expected. Post match trash talking is petty and unwelcome.

Now, shakes and hands and come out fighting...er, i mean writing. :)

I will be judging with help from the ever-present and always brief Maldur. Previous judges and winners are eligible to judge, i usually go with the first to email me. That being said i prefer arwink (for being an original judge) or the winner of the last round.

Look for the pics in the next 24 hours, and submit your entry to this thread.

Good luck, and remember to have fun!

(Look, i used capitals and punctuation and everything. :))
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Here we go- pick 4 of the 6 and you will have one week from the last pic posted to submit your entry. :)


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Thanks for the invite Mark but right now my time is taken up with the SRD in HTML format competition so I'm affraid I'll have to sit this one out.

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