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Release Champions Hall of Heroes: Jericho #1


Jericho #1
"Bungled Bank Robbery"
You and your team show up just when everything went wrong. But in this fair city this is a rare occurance. No...no...not bank robberies. That's boilerplate stuff for any superhero comic in any era..No. The shooting death of a super. Well, its finally happened, and its only downhill from here.

Jericho #1 is a playseed. The comibination of a playset and an adventure seed. Its an attempt to make GMing easier by focusing on the elements a GM needs to play a good game. Thereby making that art of improv easier at the table.

In the zip file you will find the following materials:

  • GM Sheet (2 pages)
  • Super Sheet (1 page)
  • Bank Map (with and without hexes)
  • 9 Tokens
  • Intro Boxed Text Audio file (mp3)
  • Hi Res Copy of the Cover without text
NOW, go make it your own!

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