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Chance to Win an Original Elmore!

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(In reference to a post above that is hopefully soon deleted)= Ask for spam [MENTION=2]Piratecat[/MENTION] and you shall receive! ;)

Basically if you support a kickstarter for every 10$ pledged you get a chance to win an Elmore original. I would love an Elmore original but I can't say that I like the art on offer or have even the slightest interest in a fantasy comedy about middle aged barbarians (~ish, read it and see)

Still a good offer for someone who likes either!


Writing Fantasy Gumshoe!
To be fair, people should support the Kickstarter because that's what they're interested in; the chance at an Elmore painting is a nice bonus for people who love his art. I'm with mach9.1pants, though; middle-aged barbarian films isn't my personal cup of tea.