CHANGE.ORG PETITION: Release the lost AD&D 2e Mystara worldbook by Jeff Grubb!

Update (6/10/19): We switched this over to a petition.
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We encourage people to sign the petition at the Change site. But we consider a reply to this thread to be a signature as well.

Also Jeff Grubb had a look at our petition and offered to write a brand-new introduction to the manuscript!:

"If you succeed, I will be glad to provide an intro with a less-depressing history of the project. -Jeff"


To WotC:
We ask that you please release the unpublished manuscript of the World of Mystara AD&D 2E campaign setting.We suggest either posting the PDF as a free promotional item of "historical interest" in a DRAGON+ magazine article, and/or at the Vaults of Pandius (the official Mystara fan-site), and/or posting it for sale at DMs Guild.

Thanks for considering,
-World of Mystara enthusiasts


This thread is for signing. After collecting a number of signatures, I'll aim to forward this thread to one or more WotC contacts. Feel free to share on various forums or twitter.

P.S. Could we skip over the "predictable" naysaying, speculative posts for why it's "impossible" to publish a stalled manuscript? (potentially confused ownership rights, etc etc) Unless you are the IP lawyer for WotC. This thread is just for signing the petition. Either sign it or not! :)

Here's the story:

Back in 2017, veteran game designer Jeff Grubb blogged about why he left TSR. He says that the straw that broke the camel's back was how the AD&D 2E worldbook for Mystara was nixed after he'd already written it.

Here's his initial post: "Why I left TSR"
And here's his overview of the manuscript: "Mystara Redux".

In the overview, I count 54+ new kits for AD&D 2E! This is a huge expansion of the 2E kit system, and setting-wise, this document would serve as a resource for any eventual 5E presentation of the world. Some of the terminology* is unique to this document, and so synthesizes the D&D world of Mystara in a way that's never been seen before, thus significantly adding to Mystaran lore.

*(Such as the "Undersiders" kit for Rockhome Dwarf rogues.)
Toward this end, I wrote to Jeff Grubb, and he kindly replied:


Thank you for you note. Dead and unfinished projects litter the backstory of any creative, but Mystara's passing made me particularly sad. I'm afraid I already sent out my printout of the design to [the webmaster of the Vaults of Pandius, the official Mystara fansite], who asked about it a year ago. You may be able to get a copy from him. Should I come across anything else in my files, I will send you a note.

Best of luck,
Jeff Grubb
So then I contacted the webmaster for the fan-site, and he replied that he was not willing to post it, out of respect for WotC's IP, and out of concern that the long-standing official fan-site program might be nixed if attention was brought to it. I then asked if he'd contact WotC and simply ask if he/we could post it! He said he would. But I never heard back from him, and I haven't been able to get in touch anymore. :( The webmaster does great work for Mystara, but there's apparently an unspoken snag. So I'm bringing this out into the open for the entire community to consider...and hopefully rally behind!

So that's where we stand.

Whether you're a BECMI Known World grognard, or from a newer generation who's intrigued about the mentions of Mystara in the 5E books, would you consider signing this petition?

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Will sign any petition for more Mystara material

EDIT: Signed
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This book sounds fascinating. I can't see any way it would be a loss for WotC, and it could be a big win, either in PR and fan goodwill or even financially if they choose to offer it for sale. I support this idea.


I would pay at least as much as any of the current hard back books, if not more, for this product. Please WOTC!!!
-Chris Waldrip
Marietta, GA