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PF2E Changes from the Playtest?


My group tried the PF2 Playtest and thoroughly hated the experience (with the exception of the character creation, which they loved).

I'm wondering if there's a good resource that compares the actual PF2 Core book release to the Playtest so I can easily spot the changes. I'm also curious about the organization of the book - which I thought the Playtest book format was basically an unusable mess. Is it laid out any better? Do I have to go to 3-5 different chapters just to figure out death saving throws? etc.

Paizo seems to be doing more to support the player base than D&D at this point, so I'm a little curious about the new system. But not enough to buy the book without more information. So if anyone can link me to something, that'd be great.

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I'm not aware of a detailed comparison.

From my own experiences having done the complete playtest and trying to support a local DM who is running PF2, I can offer an opinion:

There weren't any major structural changes between the playtest and the final version. There was a scaling change in the amount of bonus granted by levels of proficiency (TEML). There are lots of small changes such as tweaks to spells and feats.

The layout is improved a little, but I still find it a pain in the butt to use a PDF. I prefer to use other sources, such as websites and Hero Lab Online summary features, at least when HLO works.

The Death/Dying rules are basically the same as the 1.6 Update in the Playtest.


World Traveller
Unfortunately I don't know many of the specific details either, but from what I can tell the two games are very similar.

Many minor changes have been worked across the board and from what I can tell the reception of the Core Book of 2e is much better than that of the Playtest. If you utterly hated the Playtest I don't imagine you'll like 2e. If you sort of liked it, and just strongly disliked a few things it may be worth a deeper look.

The CRB is still formatted horribly IMO and you have to do a lot of flipping just to find out information. Ex. I was looking at some feat which says you gain spells "as per X feat. Page xx" I go to that page and read that feat and it directs me back to the class page to a different list on page xx. Horrible, but at least the page numbers are there, right?

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