Press [Chaosium] BRP actual play 'Salt and Serpent' receives two 2024 Crit Awards nominations

Michael O'Brien


Congratulations to our friends at Pixel Circus. Salt and Serpent, their swashbuckling tale of rainbow romance and revenge using the Basic Roleplaying system, has scored two 2024 Crit Awards nominations!


Kailey Bray has been nominated for Best GM - Chaosium. And the show has also received a nomination for Best NPC, for the character Davy Jones.

Vote in the Crit Awards here!

And catch Salt and Serpent on YouTube. Basic Roleplaying actual play starring Saige Ryan, Surena Marie, Rowan Hall, and Aabria Iyengar, with Kailey Bray as the GM.

Here's episode one:


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