[Chaosium] Cthulhu called and Acq Inc answered: PAX Aus live play now up on YouTube (+ 10% off offer)

Michael O'Brien

Cthulhu called, and they answered! Acquisitions Incorporated undertook their most eldritch adventure yet at PAX Aus on October 12, playing Call of Cthulhu in front of sold-out audience of more than 1500 cultists in the main theatre.

With Broodhollow creator Kris Straub in the Keeper's chair, you can now watch Acq Inc's Jerry Holkins, Arnie Niecamp, Anna Prosser, and Ryan Hartman descend into madness in an original adventure of Kris's devise on YouTube or listen on Podbay.

(For more about the creation of the adventure, including a Mythos monster - the disturbing "Threnodite" - of his own devise, see Kris's write-up about the creative process at his Patreon page.)


...and if you like what you see, delve into Call of Cthulhu yourself at Chaosium.com and use the code to get 10% off your order!

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