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[Chaosium] ENnies 2019 - Chaosium thanks all the creative teams

Michael O'Brien

Registered User
Chaosium had a wonderful night at the this year's ENnie Awards: many thanks to the judges who nominated our work, and the fans who voted their way.

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees! We would to thank and recognise everyone in the creative teams behind each of our ENnie-winning titles:

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

Author - Rules: Mike Mason, Paul Fricker, Lynne Hardy, Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis
Authors - Adventures: Gavin Inglis, John Sullivan, Keith Herber, Dan Kramer, Mark Morrison, Chris Spivey
Box Art: Victor Leza
Cover Artist: Josu Hernaiz
Interior Artists: Gavin Inglis, Marcelo Gallegos, Rachel Khan, Victor Leza, Wayne Miller, Caleb Cleveland, Eric Lofgren
Cartography: Gavin Inglis, Vandel J. Arden, Olivier Sanphilippo
Character Sheet: Dean Engelhardt
Development and Editing: Mike Mason

Terror Australis

Authors: Penelope Love, Mark Morrison, Dean Engelhardt, Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Geoff Gillan, Richard Watts, Darren Watson, Vian Lawson, John Hughes, Tristan Goss, James Haughton, Sandy Petersen, Brian M. Sammons, with Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy
Editing and Development: Mike Mason
Cover Artist: M. Wayne Miller
Interior Artists: Corey Brickley, Caleb Cleveland, David Grilla, Eric Lofgren, Joel Chaim Holtzman, Jonathan Wyke, Lee Simpson, Linda Jones, Matthew Wright, Michelle Lockamy, Pat Laboyko, Victor Leza, M. Wayne Miller
Cartography: Matt Ryan, Kalin Kadiev, Andrew Law, Nicholas Nacario
Layout: Nicholas Nacario
Proofreading and Additional Editing: Lynne Hardy, Andrew Kenrick, Keith Mageau, Olivia Lauritzen, Doug Bailey, James Haughton, and Michael O’Brien

Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection

Designer: Reiner Knizia
Development and Editing: Susan O’Brien
Additional Design and Development: Michael O’Brien, Mike Mason
Graphic Design: Ian O’Toole
Art: Victor Leza, Goomi
Proofreading: T.R. Knight

The Glorantha Sourcebook

Authors: Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Michael O'Brien, Sandy Petersen
Editor: Jason Durall
Cover Artist: Jon Hodgson
Cartography: Darya Makarava, Simon Bray, Colin Driver, Lawrence Keogh
Interior Artists: Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Antonia Doncheva, Jed Dougherty, Rich Fleider, Lisa Free, Merle Insinga, Kalin Kadiev, Jennifer Lange, Michelle Lockamy, Jan Pospíšil, Jakob Rebelka, John Snyder, Tom Sullivan, Eric Vanel
Proofreading: T.R. Knight

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Slipcase Set

Authors: Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Jason Durall, Steve Perrin
Contributing Writers: David Dunham, Steve Henderson, Warren James, Sven Lugar, Chris Klug, Rick Meints, Michael O'Brien, Sandy Petersen, Neil Robinson, Ken Rolston, and Ray Turney
Cover Artist: Andrey Fetisov
Artists: Rick Becker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, William Church, Miguel Coronado, Gene Day, Andrey Fetisov, Piotr Foksowicz, Lisa Free, Merle Insigna, Tomasz Jedruszek, Kalin Kadiev, Roman Kisyov, Rachel Kahn, Jennifer Lange, Rhonda Libbey, Michelle Lockamy, Juha Makkonen, Mike Mignola, Christine Mitzuk, Luise Perrene, Kevin Ramos, Roger Raupp, Jakob Rebulka, Alex Ries, Naomi Robinson, Simon Roy, Olivier Sanfilippo, Luoto Sari, Tobias Tranell, Cory Trego-Erdner
Cartography: Olivier Sanfilippo, Darya Makarava, Colin Driver
Design & Layout: Simeón Cogswell, Malcolm Wolter

Masks of Nyarlathotep

Authors: Larry DiTillio, Lynn Willis, Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, Paul Fricker, Scott Dorward
Cover Artists: Sam Lamont, Rhys Pugh
Artists: Caleb Cleveland, M Wayne Miller, Jonathan Wyke, Victor Leza, Eric Lofgren, Petr Stovik, Löic Muzy
Cartography: Andrew Law, Olivier Sanfilippo
Handouts: Andrew Law, Nick Nacario
Layout: Nick Nacario


The Chaosium team is Julia Rawcliffe, John Wick, David Larkins, Andrew Bean, David Scott, Ellie Ackers, James Coquillat, Kalin Kadiev, Lynne Hardy, James Lowder, Ian Cooper, Susan O'Brien, Jason Durall, Raja Panchmantia, Todd Gardiner, Michael O'Brien, Neil Robinson, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Mike Mason, Nick Nacario, Dustin Wright, and Sandy Petersen. We dedicate these awards to the memory of our beloved company founder Greg Stafford, who died in October last year.