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Release [Chaosium] Newest Gloranthan goodness by indie creators (Jonstown Compendium)

Michael O'Brien

Jonstown Compendium creator Nick Brooke has put together an incredibly helpful guide to the growing list of titles in our community content program for RuneQuest and Glorantha on DriveThruRPG.

His Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks index has already expanded from 5 to 25 pages since its first release, with Nick adding in new titles that have appeared in the Jonstown Compendium. Fortunately, once you buy the index ($0.50), you automatically receive all future updates!

Each Jonstown Compendium title is presented with clear information, including content analysis, characters, settings, and complexity:


Nick's index also features a Where in the World? map showing every scenario's location:


Here's what Designers & Dragons featured reviewer Shannon Appelcline says about this handy work:

Amazing little booklet, codifying everything currently available from the Jonstown Compendium... This attractively laid-out book steps through every adventure currently on the Compendium (with attention also paid to sourcebooks and accessories) and tells you whether you'd want it or not by highlighting adventure location, book size, book price, and basic information about the product. The fact that this is all written by a Gloranthan sage makes it all the more useful.

If you are interested in making purchases from the Compendium, this is obviously the first thing to pick up, especially as it continues to grow.

Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks

Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks
Nick Brooke ($0.50, 25 page PDF*)

Nick Brooke's index to all the scenarios and sourcebooks available from Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium community content web store on DriveThruRPG.

*will be updated as new content is added to the Jonstown Compendium.
Jonstown Compendium creators – check out these Art Packs by fellow creators Martin Helsdon and Dario Corallo!

Martin and Dario have both given permission to purchasers to use these illustrations in Jonstown Compendium publications (with a credit to the artist). The labels can be removed, and the images reduced in size, but no other changes can be made for publication without permission.

And GMs and players can use them too! Solely for their own use in handouts and character sheets, but not for wider publication.


Art Pack 1: Orlanthi
Martin Helsdon ($15.00, 15 page PDF)

This sixteen page booklet provides art resources for Jonstown Compendium authors, and for GMs and players. It features more than thirty images from The Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass and Men of the West.


Art Pack 2: Lunars
Martin Helsdon ($25.00, 25 page PDF)

This twenty five page booklet provides art resources for Jonstown Compendium authors, and for GMs and players. It features more than forty images from The Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass.


Art Pack 3: Hsunchen, Nomads, and Beasts
Martin Helsdon ($15.00, 17 page PDF)

This seventeen page booklet provides art resources for Jonstown Compendium authors, and for GMs and players. It features more than fifteen images from The Armies & Enemies of Dragon Pass and Men of the West.


Dario Corallo's Art Pack #1
Dario Corallo ($15.00, 3 page PDF)

51 pieces of clipart ready for your projects from the game Last Faction Hero. Some already deployed to great effect in Life of Moonson!


Check out these exciting new releases at the Jonstown Compendium, our community content resource for gaming in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha! (And if you'd like to become a creator yourself, check out our Jonstown Compendium Guidelines and start creating!)

Jonstown Compendium titles Nov 2020

Neil Gibson ($8.95, 92 page PDF)

"She could see them now. A jumble of disparate silhouettes at the edge of the campfire. Through the chittering throng a magisterial figure approached. This broo was considerably larger than any she has seen before. Naked save for a loincloth of indeterminate origin it strode into the firelight. Huge white horns with innumerable carved runes rose from its muscled skull. Pointing an evil, curved blade at Vasana it bellowed 'I am Immortal White Horn, son of Thed and Wakboth’s fist. We have come for you Lightbringer and we are LEGION!'"

Legion is a chaos NPC supplement for GMs running Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha games.
Broo are numerous and varied adversaries. This supplement provides 96 pre-rolled chaos enemies from the aspirant lay members to deadly rune lord / priests.

Remembering Caroman
Michael Paul O'Sullivan ($6.99, 48 page PDF)

The first Sea Season out from under the yoke of Lunar oppression is late in coming. Early crops are slow to germinate, lambs are few and small. The clan’s ancestors are uneasy. A disquiet within the Spirit World, simmering since the Lunar invasion twenty-four years ago is now bleeding into the Middle World. The land is weak because the bond between the living and the dead is strained. An encounter with a melancholy soul sets the adventurers off on a quest to find one soul among the countless lost. Can they find what has been forgotten? Will they have the courage, honour and loyalty to appease the ancestors and stave off a season of hunger and uncertainty?

This adventure explores some of the complex relationships the inhabitants of Glorantha have with the Spirit World. Whether from the guidance offered by a clan’s ancestors, support from cult elementals or as a font of magical power, the Spirit World’s influence cannot be underestimated.

Secrets of HeroQuesting
Simon Phipp ($10.00, 81 page PDF)

Ready to do the Impossible? Come along and discover the Secrets of Heroquesting in this all-new Jonstown Compedium! Inside you will find loads of secrets for Game Masters and Adventurers alike. Everything from consolidated Rules for HeroQuesting, how to Become a Hero, how to run HeroQuests, assorted HeroQuesting Tips, descriptions of the Planes of Glorantha, and other Secrets of HeroQuesting. All lavishly illustrated with over 35 illustrations.

So whether you are a Humakti lay member wondering what is really going on during those deadly Sacred Time rituals, or if you are an Illuminated Hero looking for clues on how to Heroform, Invoke HeroQuests, or survive on the Other Side while following in Arkat’s footsteps and warping HeroQuests, now is the time to incorporate HeroQuesting into your RuneQuest or QuestWorlds game!

Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon
Drew Baker ($10.95, 103 page PDF)

The first of a series of resource books for Runequest GM's detailing an insula or city block that makes up the ruins of the Big Rubble in Prax, set in the rich fantasy world of Glorantha created by Greg Stafford and friends.

Based on real archaeological plans reworked for roleplay gaming, each publication provides a realistic and practical description of a section of ruins with accompanying floor-plans and suggested mini encounters ready for insertion into your campaign.


Kingdom of the Flamesword
JK Revell ($10.00, 161 page PDF)

Seshnela is a land of knights and wizards, of humble peasants and demure damsels. It is a rich land, of cities and farms, of castles and wild forests. Ancient ruins are everywhere, reminders of past glory, and repositories of forbidden, ancient lore, and of their terrible inhuman guardians. Heretics scheme to undermine the foundations of the Church, and witches cackle in the shadows, cursing the faithful.

"One God, One Church, One King!" cry the Rokari, and the people of Seshnela assemble under the banner of the flamesword and the symbol of the Church, ready to bring unity to the world. Whether it wants it or not.

Written for HeroQuest, Kingdom of the Flamesword is the follow up to The Book of Glorious Joy, expanding that non-canonical view of the Gloranthan West to the Kingdom of Seshnela and the Rokari Church.

Forged in Blood and Snow
JK Revell ($10.00, 141 pages)

To outsiders, Jonatela is a grim land, its castles forbidding, the life of its people harsh and lacking in luxury. But this is an illusion; the Jonatings are as passionate a people now as they always were, fond of song and dance, living every moment to its fullest potential. In this lies the strength of its warriors, the practicality of its wizards, and even the determination of its peasants. For every Jonating, no matter their station, knows that the world is harsh and unforgiving. Struggle is a fact of life, and those that submit fall by the wayside and are lost. Battle is commonplace, and pestilence and famine always wait in the wings, ready to sow their own discord.

This is a land of peril and dark passions. A land forged in blood and snow.

Written for HeroQuest, Forged in Blood and Snow is a follow up to The Book of Glorious Joy, expanding that non-canonical view of the Gloranthan West to the Kingdom of Jonatela.

In a Merry Green Vale
Vivien Prigent ($19.99, 165 page PDF)

This sourcebook offers a comprehensive history of the Lysang clan and a full presentation of its ring, bloodlines, sacred mysteries (including a fully-developed heroquest) along with simple game mechanics to stage the clan’s political life. Alongside the clan’s economy, a Lunar slave farm receives a complete description. The chapter detailing the neighbouring clans focuses on the Malani tribe recently joined by the Lysang clan.

A Tale of Woodcraft
Diana Probst, Dom Twist, Beer With Teeth ($5.00, 18 page PDF)

A Tale of Woodcraft is an adventure ready to drop into any Dragon Pass campaign where there is an elven forest. A chance encounter on the road leads to the discovery of a spy's dead drop, but an elven peace treaty could be jeopardised by where it is left, and the meeting of peace is right here, right now...

This evening-length adventure is designed to slot in to any campaign, for a change of pace while travelling, or as an unexpected opportunity to hunt down Lunars in the local area. Best set shortly after Dragonrise, it is flexible enough to be used anywhere that the Lunars are no longer the dominant force.

Reviews from R'lyeh says: "A Tale of Woodcraft presents an entertaining roleplaying challenge, a mystery, and some action, that all together neatly packaged on route somewhere for easy addition to a campaign.


Storm Rams
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.75, 15 page PDF)

Filling the Air from horizon to horizon, the noble Storm Rams are a new spirit for your game of RuneQuest. They are the embodiment of rain-giving clouds, found anywhere throughout Glorantha.

Reviews from R'lyeh says, "Storm Rams presents an interesting embodiment of the storms and the rain, pleasingly from differing points of view, which the Game Master can work into her campaign."

Children of Melikaphkaz
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.00, 9 page PDF)

This month's issue of Monster of the Month previews material from a forthcoming work for the Jonstown Compendium, Melikaphkaz: the O-God of Traps. Melikaphkaz is a Darkness god worshiped by those who build traps and defenses to create shelter in a hostile world.

The Troupe of Terror
Austin Conrad ($1.50, 9 page PDF)

The Troupe of Terror presents a gang of six man-eating ogres with which the gamemaster can terrorize their players. Woken to Illumination by the magical performances of the Puppeteer Troupe, they represent the worst evils enabled by that mystical consciousness. Now, these ogres roam Dragon Pass in the guise of minstrels and clowns wielding the reality-warping illusions of the Puppeteer.

The Pendulum & The Pit
Innes Smith (Free, 48 page PDF)

In one night, after days of heavy rain, an unholy pit will open up under a city street and swallow a house whole. The City Guard, desperate to evacuate the street, finds a household, three doors along, refusing to leave. It is The House that Was Always There, known to be house of charity, a home for orphans. To save lives, the adventurers will be tasked with this life or death diplomacy ~ and depending on their talents, will either be invited in through the front door, or will crawl up through the basement through a horrific charnel pit.

For a party of adventurers set in any large city in Esrolia or Sartar, this novel adventure will seamlessly fit into any campaign and provide a taste of the West!


Graeme Atkinson ($4.95, 31 page PDF)

Prior to the Ulerian holy week, the peaceful community of Apple Lane comes together to celebrate the upcoming harvest with a festival of thanks. The children of the community recreate the classic Lightbringer Quest under the watchful eye of the local Thane.

This year however, something is different. The children chosen for the quest seem to resemble the gods, important digntaries from Clearwine and Kero Fin actually show up. The adventurers must keep the festival peace, entertain and impress high profile guests, lead the children on a quest and everyone had better enjoy themselves. How hard can it be?

Woods of the Dead Play Aids
Akhelas ($2.00, 18 page PDF)

This simple supplement provides all of the nonplayer characters published by Chaosium in the chapter “Gloomwillow’s Hollow,” from The Pegasus Plateau. Using the same printer-friendly non-player character format as used in Akhelas’s series Monster of the Month, this product ensures you’ll not feel the urge to scribble spell effects, limbs lost, or magic points spent on your nice, shiny, hardcover books. NB You need to own a copy of The Pegasus Plateau to make full use of this product.

Beastmen & Manbeasts - Zenith Counters
Dario Corallo ($4.73, 23 page PDF)

The Beastmen of Beast Valley, and some werebeasts for your VTT games in Glorantha. Dario Corallo has created a series of counters for play with Virtual Tabletops. (Now more than ever, it can be difficult for you and your friends to get together in the same place for a session of tabletop roleplaying, and playing online is one solution. For an introduction to using VTTs, see the helpful "Online Gaming - Getting Started" introduction our line editors have put together.)

War Elephants of Fonrit
Martin Helsdon ($1.00, 8 page PDF)

This slim illustrated booklet explores the use of the mighty war elephants of Fonrit, one of the regions of the southern continent of Pamaltela. It explores the diet and training of the feared shovel-tusker elephants, and their use on campaign and when deployed in battle.
Men of the West - Martin Helsdon

Men of the West
Martin Helsdon ($18.00, 182 page PDF)

The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period.
Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict.

Cover art by Mark Smylie.

This volume is a companion to Martin's Helson's 2020 Greg Stafford Award for Gloranthan Fandom-winning title The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass.

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Michael O'Brien


"Since helping take over the reins at Chaosium five years ago, my writing has mostly had to be licensing, media releases and the like, rather than RPG stuff. So I am delighted my new RuneQuest scenario 'Fortunate Sun' is out now in the Jonstown Compendium, our community content platform for gaming in Glorantha at DriveThruRPG!

The adventure is based on a convention scenario I wrote with Brian Hebert way back in 1993. It was a great pleasure working with Jonathan Webb, Nick Brooke, Dario Corallo, and Ludovic Chabant revising and expanding this work for RQG, and seeing it updated with splendid new layout, art and maps.

You can find 'Fortunate Sun' in the new remastered edition of Sandheart Vol 2, the middle book in Jon's best-selling series of adventures in Sun County, Prax - that place in Glorantha (for all its faults) that is closest to my heart."
—MOB, Chaosium Inc.

The Corn Dolls and Fortunate Sun: Sandheart Vol 2, Jonstown Compendium

The Corn Dolls and Fortunate Sun: Sandheart Vol 2
Jonathan Webb, Brian Hebert, Michael O'Brien ($11.95, 109 page PDF, coming soon in POD)

Note: if you've already purchased this title, then you can download the updated version with Fortunate Sun for FREE!

The Corn Dolls: A pestilence threatens the crop at Cliffheath. It festers at the very edge of Sun County and the Sandheart Militia are sent to investigate. Their orders are simple – purge the area of disease. But what caused it and where is the source? The clock is ticking. Can the militia solve the mystery before the situation spirals out of control?

"Sun folks are born, made to wave the flag
Ooh, they’re Gold through and through,
And when the band plays 'Hail to the Count'
Ooh, they point the Harpoon at you, Lord"​

Fortunate Sun: A chance encounter with a group of Sun Dome Templars leads to shared nightmares - portents of a catastrophe that needs to be avoided. Haunted by their dreams the militia must track into the blasted chaparral of the Wastes to avert disaster.

Other new releases in the Jonstown Compendium​

Dario's Zenith Counters

Corallo's Zenith Counters: Yelmalions
Dario Corallo ($5.93, 25 page PDF)

Yelmalio cultists and their friends for your VTT games in Glorantha*, including Templars, militia. farmers, priest, Yelmalio Elves, Yelorna cultists and unicorn, and Mele Yelo the baboon from Sun County.

Corallo's Zenith Counters:Dragonewts
Dario Corallo ($4.74, 15 page PDF)

A Base Set for your Dragonewts' encounters. Triceratops equipped, for your VTT games in Glorantha*.

*Dario Corallo has created a series of counters for play with Virtual Tabletops. (Now more than ever, it can be difficult for you and your friends to get together in the same place for a session of tabletop roleplaying, and playing online is one solution. For an introduction to using VTTs, see the helpful "Online Gaming - Getting Started" introduction our line editors have put together.)

We are truly in a Gloranthan Age of Wonders!​

MOB's Foreword of the recently released Jonstown Compendium title Life of Moonson Book One - The Characters.


In addition to Chaosium’s beautiful new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha line, just recently the entire corpus of second-edition RuneQuest Classics (Pavis, Big Rubble, Borderlands, and the rest) has satisfyingly once again become available in print. And adorning these official publications is the veritable explosion of amazing independent Gloranthan content being produced for the Jonstown Compendium, Chaosium’s community content program on DriveThruRPG.


Just as we can now have freshly-printed copies of Cults of Prax in our hands, an exciting aspect of the Jonstown Compendium is the opportunity to reprise independently-produced Gloranthan gold from the past. And so it is a source of great pleasure and pride to see Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson back in an all-new edition!

Josntown Compendium Logo
The freeform “master packs” used by game directors to run these live-action role-playing games (“LARPs”) – which were staged at RQ/ Glorantha Cons around the world throughout the nineties and beyond – were produced as fat, small-print spiral-bound tomes in extremely limited numbers. If you didn’t actually attend an auction at a Gloranthan convention, your chances of finding a copy were slim.


The Jonstown Compendium changes all of that! It’s on the largest RPG download store on the Internet, and creators don’t need up-front funds to handle printing or distribution. Templates help make titles shine, and there’s a strong and growing community of supportive Jonstown Compendium writers and artists offering support. Furthermore, with Greg Stafford’s implicit blessing (“Your Glorantha Will Vary”), the Jonstown Compendium cheerfully dispenses with any need for strict adherence to official canon.


So, following the glorious return of A Rough Guide to Glamour – do check this companion volume out if you haven’t already, you’re in for another treat – Moonson has triumphantly returned! Graced with beautiful new layout, helpful notes from the authors, and deliriously wonderful character illustrations by Dario Corallo, a new edition of this calibre is something we could only have dreamed of back in the 90s.


I had enormous fun playing Moonson Argenteus himself at Life of Moonson’s first showing, at GloranthaCon V in Victoria, British Columbia in July 1997. Tales of the devious machinations, treacherous intrigues, and heroic exploits of that LARP, and its subsequent runs in Melbourne, Australia (Jan 1998) and Leicester, UK (July 1998), are still fondly recalled by those fortunate enough to have taken part.

MOB as Moonson
It is wonderful that, through the Jonstown Compendium, these illustrious characters and their stories are now open to the imaginations of a whole new Gloranthaphile audience.

– Michael O'Brien, Chaosium Inc.

Michael O'Brien

Jonstown Compendium titles selected by Pookie for Christmas Dozen 2020

Prolific reviewer Pookie's annual (post-)Christmas Dozen list - "what you should purchase yourself to read and play in the months to come" - recommends two works from our Jonstown Compendium community content program at DriveThruRPG. This is a testament to the depth and quality of what creators are doing here for gaming in the world of Glorantha!

Reviews from R'lyeh says Andrew Logan Montgomery's Six Seasons in Sartar is "a fantastic introduction to a fantastic world, one of the first titles a prospective Game Master of RuneQuest should purchase from the Jonstown Compendium."

And says Shawn and Peggy Carpenter's Valley of Plenty is "is another great introduction to roleplaying in Glorantha, which takes both players and their characters step-by-step into the setting, its mythology, and drama."

New Releases in the Jonstown Compendium​

New releases in the Jonstown Compendium - January 21

The Quacken (Monster of the Month - Dec 2020)
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($5.00, 42 page PDF)

A terrible new sea monster to your RuneQuest bestiary. Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for Chaosium's RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players.

Air Toads! (Monster of the Month - Nov 2020)
Akhelas, Diana Probst, Austin Conrad ($1.50, 10 page PDF)

Brings an amphibian with explosive temper to your games of RuneQuest. A cousin of the common cliff toad, air toads can be found on mountain crags and in sullen marshes anywhere in Glorantha.

Kovid's Nineteen
Graeme Atkinson ($4.67, 62 page PDF)

Set in Sartar in darkseason, near the dragonrise, with winter on its way, the adventurers stumble of a desperate plea for help. One that they should not ignore. How much help they give is up to them, but taken to its conclusion the scenario will pit them against a mighty Malian priest, sort of... The exact nature of events will be heavily dependent on the adventurers.


The Rough Guide to Glamour artist Dario Corallo has created a series of counters for play with Virtual Tabletops. These two new 'Adventure Packs' also come with VTT maps:

Snakepipe Hollow Map & Denizens Adventure Pack
Dario Corallo ($12.95, 19 counters plus map in zip file)

Map and Denizens for the Old Chaotic Nest SnakePipe Hollow for your VTT.

Fortunate Sun Adventure Pack
Dario Corallo ($3.67, 16 counters plus 3 battle maps in zip file)

Battle maps and VTT counters for the adventure "Fortunate Sun" which features in the Jonstown Compendium release The Corn Dolls & Fortunate Sun: Sandheart Volume 2. Now available as a premium, hardcover book!


The Gifts of Prax
Diana Probst, Kristi Herbert ($10.00, 40 page PDF)

The Shaman Erhehta wants vengeance after an attack that left him weakened and unable to defend his people, the Straw Weaver Bisons. The adventurers are crucial to this, being sent to gather what he requires, and wrestle with the elements that make Prax what is it, for good or ill.

The Gifts of Prax
is written to fit well after Stone and Bone and its attack on Erhehta, but no knowledge of that adventure is required, and the adventures can be played in either order.

The Company of the Dragon (Free Preview)
Andrew Montgomery (Free, 24 page PDF)

This free 24-page booklet contains an overview of the upcoming campaign book, as well as the full Episode, "The Forging," along with everything you need to play it. This episode is the bridge between Six Seasons in Sartarand The Company of the Dragon.

[French] Guide pratique de Glamour
Chris Gidlow, Mike Hagen, Nick Brooke, Michael O'Brien, Jeff Richard, Greg Stafford, Franck Nicodeme, Vivien Prigent ($14.90, 137 page PDF)

The French translation of the Jonstown Compendium Gold best-seller A Rough Guide to Glamour.


Denarius the Minter
Leon Kirshtein, Simon Phipp ($2.40, 35 page PDF)

Seven new cults, including two new Skills, one new Spirit Magic spell, six new Runespells, twelve new Sorcery spells and one new Shamanic Ability, with a further one new Spirit Magic spell and 17 new Runespells that are not related to these cults. Each cult has sample NPCs that Games Masters can use in their campaigns.

Ruins of Bonn Kanach
Michael Paul O'Sullivan ($7.95, 70 page PDF)

Set back from the road to Blackwell and perched upon a jagged bluff sits the haunted ruins of Bonn Kanach. Abandoned and empty for many centuries this once great EWF city boasted fine palaces, an arena and a great temple. Even trolls fear this city that they once commanded and dare not pass within sight of its crumbling walls. But when a grazelander merchant offers you clean silver for any trinket or bauble pulled from the rubble your suspicions are swayed by the chance of easy money.

Ruins of Bonn Kanach
is the first instalment in a trilogy of adventures set in Beast Valley. It can be used as a stand alone resource or part of the longer campaign.

How Humakt Learned to Grieve
Chris Bell, Simon Phipp ($10.00, 42 page PDF)

How Humakt Learned to Grieve is a systemless collection of four HeroQuests: 'How Humakt Learned to Grieve' (Humakt Viewpoint), 'How Humakt Learned to Grieve' (Companions Viewpoint), 'Why Ernalda is a Killer Too' and 'How Orlanth Became a Woman'.


Shaivalla, Well-Loved
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.50, 18 page PDF)

Monster of the Month is a series of bestiary entries for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to statblocks and behavior, most issues include supplemental detail and advice for gamemasters and/or new adventurer options for players. Shaivalla is a power-hungry priestess of Ernalda. Inside, you'll find her history and motives, a magic item, and the retinue which accompanies her throughout Dragon Pass.

Renharth Blackveins
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($2.00, 20 page PDF)

This month's issue of Monster of the Month continues the series of Rune Masters begun last month. Inside, you'll find a terrifying Sword of Humakt, Renharth Blackveins.

MOTM Volume 1 Omnibus - 2020 [BUNDLE]
Various, ($19.50, 12 PDF titles)

Twelve Monster of the Month titles from 2020.


The Company of the Dragon
Andrew Montgomery ($29.95, 270 page PDF)

In the shadow of the Quivini, at the dawn of the Hero Wars, a young Seven Mothers convert began collecting stories of rebel warbands hiding in the wilds of occupied Sartar. Among these accounts were repeated stories of one particular warband... clanless, tribeless, bound to a draconic spirit of immense power. Some called them traitors and insurrectionists. Others painted them as folk heroes and freedom fighters. They were called the Company of the Dragon. And some say they helped the Prince of Sartar win her throne.

The 270-page sequel to the Gold bestselling and critically acclaimed Six Seasons in Sartar ("One of the best RuneQuest adventures ever", says RPG historian Shannon Appelcline).

Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Freeform
David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow, Michael O'Brien, Mike Hagen ($19.95 - PDF, $49.95 - Hardcover Book)

Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Freeform contains everything that none of the players knew before this fifty-player live-action role-playing game began: all of the rules, ability cards, secret plots and game directors' notes. Witness economic devastation, sudden tragedy, military coups, the hunt for the Moon Child... and the Glorious Re-Ascent of Moonson!

Companion volume to Life of Moonson, Book One: The Characters.

The Howling Tower
Devin Cutler, Nick Brooke, Dario Corallo. Gianni Vacca ($12.05, 34 page PDF)

A treasure hunt into the Upland Marsh in Sartar, a treasure hunt that has been instigated by an ancient map…

Rubble Redux: Insula of the Rising Sun
Drew Baker ($10.95, 131 page PDF)

The second in a series of resource books for RuneQuest GMs detailing an 'insula' or city block that makes up the ruins of the Big Rubble.

Houses of Teshnos
Paul Baker ($17.00, 100 page PDF)

Welcome to the Teshnos,the Kingdom of the Sun.

Vajra of the Skies
Akhelas, Austin Conrad, Mason Street ($2.00, 22 page PDF)

The third installment in Monster of the Month's mini-series of Rune Masters is a shaman of the Golden Bow. Vajra is a grief-stricken elder of the Pure Horse People who wanders the skies of Dragon Pass on the back of the great vrok hawk Sunfriend. He is designed to allow the gamemaster to use him as a tragic antagonist, a flawed mentor, or with a blending of themes.


Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($2.00, 21 page PDF)

The fourth Monster of the Month's mini-series of Rune Masters is Wenkarleos, a Lunar Tarshite noble and Rune Lord of the Seven Mothers.

Corallo's Artpack #2
Dario Corallo ($12.05, 52 files)

52 clipart files ready for your projects. Dario grants permission to purchasers to use these illustrations in their own Jonstown Compendium publications (with a credit to the artist), and to GMs and players solely for their own use in handouts and character sheets.

Corallo's Zenith Counters: Trollball Teams
Dario Corallo ($4.82, multiple file formats)

Artist of The Rough Guide to Glamour Dario Corallo has created a series of counters for play with Virtual Tabletops. Here, the Sazdorf and the Redstone Trollball Teams. Complete with Referees and Healers. (Dario says he would claim that no trollkin hasn't be maimed for this pack, but it wouldn't be true ;-) )

Corallo's Zenith Counters: Troll #3 - Giant Arthropods
Dario Corallo ($3.61, multiple file formats)

Giant arthropods for play with virtual tabletops.


Corallo's Zenith Counters: Humakti
Dario Corallo (Pay-What-You-Want, rec price $1.20, multiple file formats)

The Twocrows Mercenary Company. Humakt Necesse Est…

Corallo's Zenith Counters: Upland Marsh
Dario Corallo ($4.82, multiple file formats)

Undead and Maps for your vtt campaigns in the Upland Marsh…

Quick and Dirty Family Histories

Each publication takes one of the main homelands detailed in the RuneQuest: Roleplaying In Glorantha rule book and uses the Family History (RQG Family History) rules to create a potted history for a character. Featuring 101 pre-generated family histories with potted history, extended family members, starting passions, skills and notes from the family history creation process that provide the framework for a character that can be used in a pinch and fleshed out when time is available.

Available separately, and also available as a Bundle ($18.00) - save 33%.

QAD: Family Histories - 101 Sartarite Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)

QAD: Family Histories - 101 Praxian Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)


QAD: Family Histories - 101 Old Tarshite Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)

QAD: Family Histories - 101 Lunar Tarsh Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)

QAD: Family Histories - 101 Grazelander Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)

QAD: Family Histories - 101 Esrolian Character Backgrounds
Drew Baker ($4.50, 110 page PDF)

Michael O'Brien

Are you a Gamesmaster looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for more Gloranthan goodness to use in your game? The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find —and create —self-published material for your Gloranthan roleplaying games.

Here are some helpful GM resources for your RuneQuest campaigns!


High Rock Hill

Bastian Haefner ($1.00, 15 page PDF)

Adventurers attend a Clearwine harvest festival where one event leads to another and they find themselves investigating a conspiracy, hoping to prevent a death and a tribal feud. (nb this is an adventure – inadvertently left out of yesterday's Journey to Jonstown post which showcases recent new scenarios)

Alogo's Caravan: Riding Animals of Dragon Pass
Drew Baker ($9.95, 146 page PDF)

Alogo’s Caravan contains 20 pre-generated riding animals detailed in the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary and available to starting player’s Homelands. All four breeds of horse, mule, bison, high llama, impala and sable plus war zebra for those characters horse riders journeying in Prax. (That's over 200 mounts at less than 5¢ each).

Night in the Meadow
Joel Kumpulainen ($2.00, 17 page PDF)

Three encounters that start with a simple plot with troubles with cattle herding and ending up to meeting somewhat greater spirits of different origins: A Nymph, animal spirits and even a dragonic cult spirit.


Alakoring's Legacy
Alistair Jones, Edan Jones ($4.00, 41 page PDF)

A follow up to Heort's Legacy, this book contains questionnaires devoted to the Orlanthi of Tarsh and Aggar, as well as the Aramites.

Balazar Maps
Anders Tonnberg ($5.93, 10 page PDF)

Seven high-resolution pictorial maps of Elder Wilds from Griffin Mountain.

Elder Wilds Maps
Anders Tonnberg ($5.93, 10 page PDF)

Seven high-resolution pictorial maps of Elder Wilds from Griffin Mountain.


Close Encounters of the Sartar Kind
Eric Bauge ($1.78, 11 page PDF)

Encounter charts are a great way to add some element of randomness into a campaign. They help maintain the illusion that the world doesn’t revolve around the adventurers, but has a life of its own. Sometime, a random encounter might even become a regular character in a campaign, as an ally, or as a recuring enemy. Tables and rules needed to run random encounters for 11 types of terrain in Sartar.

The Crimson Bat Battle
Dario Corallo ($3.56, PDF)

The Bat is coming! Will our Heroes kill or stop him from devouring citizens? An adventure module complete with the Bat (the map) and full of Bat Zealoths and flying Adventurers… Plus a Dream Dragon ;-)

Petty Spirits 2
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($2.00, 7 page PDF)

Petty spirits provide unusual explanations for in-world phenomena: Bookwyrms plunder libraries, Children of Daga cause liquids to evaporate, and Child's Fortune presents mischievous imaginary friends to children. Each of these spirits provide texture to the mythic world of Glorantha by both subverting, and supporting, our terrestrial "common sense." They're suitable for use by both gamemasters and player adventurers alike.


Ehnval Tallspear
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($2.00, 21 page PDF)

Ehnval Tallspear is a stern Wood Lord of Aldrya. Found near his native woods north of Esrolia, his description includes advice and adventure seeds for the gamemaster for use as either friend or foe.

Grungnak Fearless
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($2.00, 24 page PDF)

Grungnak Fearless is a brutal Death Lord of Zorak Zoran, the God of Hate and Vengeance. She has risen from lowly bandit origins to shake up the status quo of Glorantha's classic "adventurer's playground," the Big Rubble. This dangerous antagonist and her berserk followers will provide a challenge even to experienced adventurers.

Cups of Clearwine
Kristi Herbert, Erin McGuire, Diana Probst, Dom Twist, Beer With Teeth ($10.00, 63 page PDF)

A sourcebook detailing the lives of ordinary people who can help you have extraordinary adventures. Cups has details for a dozen households, each with plot hooks for the area and beyond. Every household was created to add to the interest and playability of the area.

Trailer here!:

One of the latest additions to the Jonstown Compendium is a whopper: 2000 pages! Of Pimper's Block: The Complete Collection, Six Seasons in Sartar and Company of the Dragon author Andrew Logan Montgomery says:

"Really, this is the sort of thing the Jonstown Compendium was made for. Pimper's Block The Complete Collection is the kind of utility that a publisher like Chaosium would not want to tackle, but which in retrospect everyone is going to want. I certainly will never been hard-pressed for NPCs again... Look, if you run Runequest this product is worth ten times its price. I cannot imagine any GM regretting the purchase."

Here are the most recent new releases on our community content platform at DriveThruRPG for all things RuneQuest and Glorantha:

Pimper's Block
QAD: Pimper's Block - The Complete Collection
Drew Baker ($33.00, 2000 page PDF set)

Whether you need a drop in character, a group of NPC villagers or just stats for an encounter QAD: Pimper's Block has you covered. The Complete Collection contains all 10 volumes for the series covering all the homelands in RuneQuest Roleplaying In Glorantha and the five Praxian nomad tribes. Overall that’s 3120 characters ready to use 520 detailed characters and 2600 NPC’s, literally a cast of thousands at your fingertips!

South Pelorian Highlands
Anders Tonnberg ($5.90, 8 page PDF)

Eight high-resolution pictorial maps of South Pelorian Highlands (4266 x 2400 pixels: 14.22 inches x 8.00 inches, roughly US Legal paper size at 300 DPI), drawn in Wonderdraft based on the maps from Argan Argar Atlas. There are four base maps (Players’, Game Master’s, Detailed and Political), each presented in hex-free and 5 mile hex formats. The Players’ map is in a different style to the GM and Detailed maps; the detailed map names every City as well as the major regions, roads and rivers.

The Bad Winds
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.25, 6 page PDF)

The Bad Winds are umbroli deceived and corrupted by the goddess of disease, Mallia. They wield her magic to bully mortals across Glorantha into "loving" them with propitiatory sacrifices. Part of the 'Monster of the Month' series from Akhelas.

Jonstown Compendium releases Sept 21

Michael O'Brien


Released today on the Jonstown Compendium is The Black Spear, the latest community content from 2021 Gold ENNIE award-winning and best-selling creator Nick Brooke. Nick says of his new work:

"This adventure grew from my love of epic quests that seem to journey back through time into myth as they approach their ultimate goal: Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Robert Holdstock’s Lavondyss or Peter Jackson’s cinematic Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also liked the idea of having reality break down the closer the adventurers get to Argrath, as his dragon-dreams bleed through into Glorantha, making previously mundane places increasingly symbolic and heroquesty."

Check it out and the other new releases that magnificently show that the Jonstown Compendium continues to go from strength-to-strength!


The Black Spear
Nick Brooke and Mike O'Connor ($19.95, 181 page PDF)

Nick Brooke says, "An epic saga of the Hero Wars, festooned with heroquests and deep Gloranthan weirdness. Probably the strangest thing I’ve ever written. Designed as a follow-up to The Duel at Dangerford, but it also works as a stand-alone mini-campaign. Canonically set in Sea Season 1627, with suggestions at the back of the book for changing things around. Illustrated lavishly by Mike O’Connor: 50+ pictures, one or two songs, some poetry, not many stat-blocks."

A preview of the first of The Black Spear's seven Acts has been bundled with PDF versions of Nick's Jonstown Compendium release The Duel at Dangerford: if you've already bought this title look for updates in your Library when you're logged in to DriveThruRPG.

JK Revell ($4.00, 25 page PDF)

The Rathori are the “werebears” of Glorantha. Children of Rathor, the Great White Bear, they inhabit the wide pine forests of the northwest, beyond the fringes of civilisation. But their life is not a peaceful idyll. The forests can be home to fell creatures and hostile tribes, and the civilised folk of the south press at the eaves, felling trees for new cropland.

The Rathori’s defences against such threats include their deep bonds with the spirits of the woodlands, granting them potent magic from the Other Side. For almost a hundred years, during the Syndic’s Ban, the Rathori slept, oblivious to the outside world and safe from its incursions. Just over two decades ago, they began to awake, finding the world changed, but no safer than before.

Now they must find their new place within it.

This is a guide to the Rathori people and their world. It is written for both RuneQuest and QuestWorlds, and the relevant rulebooks will be required to make full use of it. For example, spell descriptions (including those for shapeshifting) are not duplicated here.

Jallupell Goodwind
Akhelas, Diana Probst ($2.00, 14 page PDF)

Years ago, a Lunar Hero and a Wind Lord of Orlanth fought a terrific battle which led to their mutual demise. Buried together in a single grave, the mingled remains wove their souls together. Now this tormented ghost haunts the dreaded Valley of the Blight, in the lands of the Cinsina Tribe.

In this Monster of the Month "mini-adventure," your adventurers will get to:
  • Fight or heal the wounded souls of two Heroes
  • Discover the secrets of their fatal duel
  • Strive to restore the Valley's Fertility—returning its spirits to Ernalda's bosom!
This short adventure is intended to provide one gamemaster, and four to six adventurers, with an evening of play.


"The Black Spear artwork is by Mike O’Connor, a brilliant collaborator who contributed more than 50 illustrations. I am absolutely delighted with the way this has turned out! I can't wait for you to get your hands on this palimpsest of deviant visions scribbled over ancient lore!" — Nick Brooke.

Michael O'Brien


The God Skin & Mad Prax is the fourth and final volume in Jon Webb's 'Sandheart' series of adventures set in Sun County, Prax. It features the scenarios 'The God Skin' by Sandheart creator Jon Webb, and 'Mad Prax: Beyond Sun Dome' by Chaosium's Michael O'Brien, author of the original RuneQuest 3rd Ed release Sun County (1992). Involving the player characters in a truly momentous event marking the beginning of the Hero Wars, 'Mad Prax' could, if you wish, serve as a fitting end to a Sandheart campaign.

"What began as a one-person operation (Jon) evolved into what I think is a best-practice example of community content creation, with Jon gathering the talents of Glorantha-loving layout experts, cartographers, artists and writers to produce what have become some of the most well-received and popular titles in the Jonstown Compendium... It’s immensely gratifying for me to see that, coming up to thirty years since Sun County was published, there is still much to be written about, discovered, argued over, and gamed in, in this small and distant, yet special, part of Glorantha." —MOB, Chaosium Inc.

The four-part Sandheart series is available in the Jonstown Compendium at DriveThruRPG in PDF and print formats. And to celebrate the publication of Book 4, prices of the first three books have been discounted by $2.00 in all formats. PDFs are now $9.95, and hardcovers are just $19.95.

Sandheart series

The God Skin & Mad Prax" Sandheart Vol. 4
Jon Webb & Michael O'Brien ($11.95, 105 page PDF)

Two further adventures in Sun County – two further journeys to take. Totalling 105 pages, 56 illustrations, six maps, one VTT map and nine handouts with layout by Nick Brooke and superb art/cartography from Mark Baldwin, Dario Corallo, Kris Herbert, Jacob Webb and Ludovic Chabant.

Sandheart map Mad Prax

In The God Skin Incident, a murder and robbery lead the Sandheart militia into a confrontation where they have to make choices of who to side with. After the dust has settled they must quest for holy vengeance across the plains of Prax. The God Skin Incident is situated in Sun County and Prax and is expected to take between four and six sessions to complete.

Mark Baldwin art - Sandheart vol 4
In Mad Prax, the Sandheart militia find themselves drawn into the midst of a great historical happening. Written by Michael O'Brien (author of Sun County) this adventure is based on the 1991 convention scenario 'Mad Prax: Beyond Sun Dome'.

Sandheart art Vol 4 - Dario Corallo
All four volumes of the best-selling Sandheart series of Sun County adventures for RuneQuest are now available in full colour print format at DriveThruRPG!
  1. Volume One: Tales of the Sun County Militia
  2. Volume Two: The Corn Dolls & Fortunate Sun
  3. Volume Three: Tradition
  4. Volume Four: The God Skin & Mad Prax

Chaosium's Michael O'Brien (MOB) writes:

"I was delighted to receive print copies of the final volume of the Sandheart series today (Vol 4), featuring my scenario 'Mad Prax: Beyond Sun Dome'!

The Sandheart series of Sun County adventures began as a one-person operation (Jonathan Webb), evolving into what I think is a best practice example of community content creation, with Jon gathering the talents of Glorantha-loving layout experts, cartographers, artists, and writers, to produce what have become some of the most well-received and popular titles in the Jonstown Compendium.

For me, it was great to collaborate creatively again with Nick Brooke, just like we did back in the days of Tales of the Reaching Moon, and a special surprise to reconnect and work again with Mark Baldwin, who illustrated the spec RuneQuest manuscript I sent to the Avalon Hill in 1991. That spec manuscript of course became Sun County, published in 1992, but sadly without Mark’s art. So it is especially delightful that, some thirty years later, his vision of the Sun Dome lands and its inhabitants has finally reached the audience it deserves.

Other community creators involved in the Sandheart series include Laura Baldwin, Ludovic Chabant, Dario Corallo, Katrin Dirim, Colie Dixon, Brian Hebert, Kristi Herbert, Ollie Larwood, Darren Page-Mitchell, Diana Probst, Shaun Rimmer, Beverley Webb, Jacob Webb, and many playtesters!
Sun County

I was honoured when Sandheart creator Jon Webb asked me to write a foreword for the first volume, one of the inaugural releases of the Jonstown Compendium.

In that first forward I noted that these days we’re fortunate to be living in an all-new “RuneQuest Renaissance”, with the Jonstown Compendium giving independent Gloranthan creators access to a worldwide audience in ways we didn’t even dream about back in the early days. And by Yamsur’s Truss, haven't creators in the Jonstown Compendium grasped that opportunity!

I enjoyed contributing two scenarios myself, the aforementioned 'Mad Prax' in Vol 4 and 'Fortunate Sun' in Vol 2 (which recently reached Gold bestseller status).

As amply demonstrated by the popular reception of the Sandheart series, and other Jonstown Compendium releases like Nick Brooke’s recent and most wonderful Black Spear: it’s immensely gratifying for me to see that, coming up to thirty years since Sun County was published, there is still much to be written about, discovered, argued over, and gamed in, in this small and distant, yet special, part of Glorantha. — MOB.

Michael O'Brien

Best-selling Jonstown Compendium title The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass is now available in print format!

This 388 page work is the magnum opus of 2019 Greg Stafford Memorial Award for Gloranthan Fandom recipient Martin Helsdon. It was one of the inaugural releases in Chaosium's community content program for RuneQuest at DriveThruRPG, the Jonstown Compendium. Since then has remained one of the Jonstown Compendium's most highly-rated and best-selling titles.

The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass coverThe Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass
Martin Helsdon ($24.95/$39.95/$64.99, 388 page PDF or POD book with B&W interior)

Winner of the 2019 Greg Stafford Memorial Award

The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period.

Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict.

Focused on Dragon Pass and the surrounding regions (Peloria, Pent, Prax and Maniria), this volume presents details of the warriors, soldiers and mercenaries of the opening periods of the Hero Wars, their arms and armor, their cultures, histories and organization, the terrain they traveled, the battlefields on which they fought, their fortifications, their magic, and their gods.

Army Lists provide details of the regiments and other entities that fought in this epic conflict, supplemented by numerous illustrations of the participants.

Bonus chapters:

— Lunar Army Strength
— Righteous War
— Jar-eel Marches Forth from Mirin’s Cross (with art by Mark Smylie)

Michael O'Brien


Congratulations to Andrew Logan Montgomery, whose Six Seasons in Sartar is the first Jonstown Compendium title to attain Platinum Best Seller status!

Described as "one of the best RuneQuest adventures ever" (Shannon Appelcline) and "a superb treatment of community, myth, and tragedy in Glorantha [that] as a campaign starter has no equal" (Reviews from R'lyeh), Six Seasons in Sartar is available in PDF and POD formats at DriveThruRPG.

The Company of the Dragon, Andrew's acclaimed sequel to Six Seasons in Sartar is also available in the Jonstown Compendium.


About the Jonstown Compendium, Scott, aka Orcus Dorcus, co-host of Titterpigs - the TTRPG Podcast says, "I don't think I am amiss in saying that some of the most creative, fun, and innovative work being put out right now is contained within the annals of the Jonstown Compendium. There is just something about Glorantha that keeps inspiring throughout the years."

You can see that in these newest works by independent Gloranthan creators at the Jonstown Compendium:

Jonstown Compendium Index [2022]
Nick Brooke ($1.00, 48 page PDF)

Nick Brooke's index to new RuneQuest & Glorantha scenarios and sourcebooks (and sundry other releases) available from Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium community content web store on DriveThruRPG. The index includes full details for every product released after 1 October 2021, plus summary listings for everything else in the store (for full details of all 2020 & 2021 releases, see the Jonstown Compendium Catalogue 2021 or previous years' indexes). The index will be regularly updated following major releases in 2022. All updates in 2022 are free; the price of the index increases quarterly as new content grows, so don't wait too long to get on board!


Jonstown Compendium Catalogue [2021]
Nick Brooke ($2.50/$7.50/$10.00, PDF and POD)

Details every supplement published in the first two years of Chaosium's community content programme for RuneQuest and Glorantha. This book combines the 2020 & 2021 versions of Nick's Jonstown Compendium Index: a new layout presents every release up to the end of November 2021, divided into categories.

A Short Detour
BOLT80, Ludovic Chabant ($6.95, 40 page PDF)

When the adventurers stumble upon a mother and her son being attacked by wild boars, they are thrown into a tricky situation in which multiple powerful factions are on a collision course. What will your players do when they can decide who lives and who dies?

Korolstead: Secrets of the Smoking Ruin
John Lawson ($25.00, 245 page PDF)

This supplement is compatible with Chaosium’s Runequest: The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories. Its contents is playable with expeditions before, during, or after running the official adventure.


a Site to Die for
Bengt Wueggertz, Stefan Ringstrom, Ted Strand ($1.00, 31 page PDF)

The adventurers participate in a week-long ceremony of building and protecting a shrine for a Greydog Clan Hero. The Site is located within the borders of Orlmarth Clan, enemies of both the Hero and of the adventurer’s clan. The shrine will be attacked by members of this enemy clan, and it is up to the adventurers to fight them off. Can the adventurers overcome all obstacles, or will all end in failure, and they let Demons loose to kill at will?

Bad Day at Duck Rock
Peter Hart ($10.00, 79 page PDF)

Starts with the adventurers escorting a merchant and his cargo through Duck Valley. They stop in a run-down village to secure rooms at the inn and trade with the local redsmith, while the merchant heads off to visit a pair of old friends at their farm to the north of the village. What could possibly go wrong?

Hsunchen Of The East
Paul Baker ($7.17, 48 page PDF)

A collection detailing three of the Hsunchen tribes of the East; The Lo Fak Yak folk, the Hsa Tiger folk, and the Pujaleg Bat People.


The Salt Man
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($1.50, 10 page PDF)

The Salt Man is a creature which should be impossible. It is the birth of a barren womb. It is the seed of an impotent sire. It is dryness and drought, a walking extinction which pretends to live. This issue of MOTM describes a Praxian horror, its legends, the rites performed to appease it. Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries.

Burning Engines
Akhelas, Mason J. Street ($1.00, 9 page PDF)

Burning Engines are a rare and dangerous protector of dwarven catacombs. Mostali technicians bind spirits of fire within lifeless hulks of metal, creating immortal guardians capable of roasting pesky adventurers. This RuneQuest supplement describes three "species" of burning engine, new sorcery spells for Lhankor Mhy adventurers to command a burning engine of their own, and an adventure seed which pits players against a fallen star driven mad by The Dwarf with the pain of its binding. Monster of the Month is a series of new bestiary entries.

To Hunt a God
Akhelas, Austin Conrad ($9.95, 70 page PDF)

This 'monster-sized' final issue in the Monster of the Month series is stuffed to the gills with Gloranthan goodness! This book currently includes Part One of the titular adventure. Part Two will be released during 2022, and will be a free update to everyone who has previously purchased To Hunt a God.


Holiday Dorastor: Seven Hills
Simon Phipp, Leon Kirshtein ($15.00, 130 page PDF)

Covers the Seven Hills area of Dorastor: here you will find descriptions of the many places and people found in this foul nest of Ogres, plus magic items, new spells, new monsters, and eight scenarios ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. So, come, worship at the Temple of True Being, visit the Carnival, Sweat Lodge and the House of Many Pleasures. Marvel at the military might of the Ogres and let your Inner Ogre out, without restriction. You know you want to!

Holiday Dorastor: Krampuslauf
Simon Phipp ($1.00, 5 page PDF)

During Sacred Time, the worshippers of Krampuslauf join those of Eurmal and visit all the children of Talastar, Bilini and the rest of the Borderlands of Dorastor. Krampuslauf senses whether the children have been Naughty or Nice, Eurmal rewards the nice children with candy, but Krampuslauf catches them with his tongue and punishes them with his Naughty Whip. So, have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Holiday Dorastor: Joulupukki
Simon Phipp, Leon Kirshtein ($1.00, 11 page PDF)

Features the Eurmal subcult of Joulupukki, who gives gifts to children during Sacred Time. This is a companion piece to Holiday Dorastor: Krampuslauf.


Creatures of Glorantha
Davide Quatrini ($1.49, 8 page PDF)

A supplement to the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary, useful to add variety to the heroes adventures or just as an inspiration for crafting her own critters.

Anaxial's Manifest
JK Revell ($4.00, 27 page PDF)

A compilation of 46 Gloranthan creatures and embodied spirits not previously described.

RuneQuest Durulz Character Tokens
Josh Skull Dixon ($2.00, 9 page PDF)

Inside you'll find 26 unique Duck (Durulz) character tokens for use in your Runequest or Bronze Age Fantasy game. There are three token frames to pick from for each duck illustration.


Corallo's Artpack #3 - The Seventeen Foes of Waha
Dario Corallo ($10.91, multiple file formats)

A collection of artwork for the Jonstown Compendium Community Creators which you can use in your JC publications by crediting Dario Corallo.

Corallo's Zenith Counters: Prax Pack #1
Dario Corallo ($4.36, multiple file formats)

Warriors of the 5 main tribes of Prax: Bison, Impala, Alticamelus, Sable, and Morocanth for virtual tabletops.

Friends and Foes: Chaos Set 2022
Dario Corallo ($4.36, 5 page PDF)

Four tables of chaotic cardboard monsters for your crusades against entropy.


Dorastor Map
Anders Tonnberg ($5.46, 8 maps)

Eight high-resolution pictorial maps of Dorastor.

Glorantha Area Maps
Mikael Mansen
A History of Malkionism
Nick Brooke ($7.50/$14.95/$22.45, PDF and POD)

An Illuminated History of Malkionism: the brilliant Gloranthan artist Katrin Dirim has illustrated Nick Brooke's historical outline of the Mediaeval West of Glorantha, with 16 glorious manuscript pictures depicting key moments in Malkioni scripture and history, as well as three studies of the Western peoples: the ancient Brithini, maritime Waertagi and detestable Vadeli. From the Ice Age to the God Learners, from the Serpent Kings of Seshneg to Arkat's Dark Empire, gain new insights into Glorantha through the eyes of a visionary steeped in the artistic traditions of antiquity and the middle ages.

Last edited:

Michael O'Brien


Wonderful new creations on the Jonstown Compendium...

The Six Paths
Edan Jones (Pay-What-You-Want*; 28 page PDF)

A sourcebook on gender among the Heortlings. Contents include: descriptions of the six main Heortling genders; the cults of Heler, Nandan and Vinga; six example characters exploring the gender identities. Featuring artwork by 2021 Greg Stafford Award winner Katrin Dirim.

*Note: This sourcebook is PWYW, as an alternative, the creators have asked you to please consider donating whatever amount you would have paid for this to your local LGBT+ charity.


Highways & Byways - A Wayfarer's Companion
Drew Baker ($10.95, 106 page PDF)

What time is dawn?
How long will the journey take?
Is there even a road to take or will the party have to travel overland?

Inspired by the cartography of the RuneQuest Starter Set, Highways and Byways tackles the dilemma of every adventurer; how to get from point A to point B.

Vilinar Cave
Dario Corallo ($3.16, tokens)

VTT tokens of a classical nest of broos from The Revenge of Muriah, the fourth adventure in RuneQuest Classic's Borderlands & Beyond.


More Glorantha Area Maps
Mikael Mansen

Michael O'Brien

Our community ambassador Nick Brooke has helpfully compiled the best-selling English-language releases from the Jonstown Compendium our community content program for TTRPG content set in Greg Stafford's mythic universe Glorantha, based on sales in the last 12 months (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023). Congratulations to these independent RuneQuest creators!

Jonstown Compendium Best Sellers Summer 2023and the next 34 bestselling Miskatonic Repository titles for Summer 2023 are listed at the link:

Jonstown Compendium Best-Sellers - Summer 2023
Nick Brooke (FREE, 4 page PDF)

The best-selling RuneQuest scenarios and Gloranthan sourcebooks from Chaosium's community content programme based on sales in the last 12 months (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023). This is a free extract from the Jonstown Compendium Catalogue and Jonstown Compendium Index 2023.


What is the Jonstown Compendium?​

Are you a Gamesmaster looking for new scenarios and story elements? A player looking for something mysterious to spark a character idea? Is your group looking for more Gloranthan goodness to use in your game? The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find —and create —self-published material for your Gloranthan roleplaying games.

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