Press [Chaosium] Pendragon Starter Set: your quest begins June 29th

Michael O'Brien


It is the age of Pendragon!
What kind of Knight will you become?
👑 A roleplaying game of chivalry, fantasy, & legacy
👑 Create Player-Knights of any gender
👑 Unique personality mechanics for natural character growth


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Michael O'Brien


Pendragon Starter set box cover art

Pendragon Starter Set​

-- Releasing on June 29th --

Three softcover full color booklets, pregen character sheets, appendices, battle cards, dice
Boxed Set
ISBN 978-1-56882-574-8
Author: Greg Stafford
Cover Art: Mark Smylie
Artists: Andrey Fetisov, Lisa Free, Eric Hotz, Eleonor Piteira, Mark Smylie, Dimitar Stoyanov, Austin Winstead

Pendragon is a roleplaying game set in King Arthur’s Britain. You take on the role of knights and overcome mythical monsters, rival knights, and other wondrous challenges in search of Glory.

The Pendragon Starter Set presents a world of great adventure. This is the time of the Sword in the Stone, of the Boy King and Merlin and their struggles against those who would seize the crown for themselves...and of the flowering of chivalry. This is a time of desperate battles, dark portents, enchanted forests, pride, and self-indulgence.

“What kind of knight are you?”

Do you believe in chivalry, or do you think might always makes right? Are you willing to die for your Honor? Will you fight to rid the world of injustice, or use clout and power to take advantage of those beneath you?

Combat in Pendragon is bloody and intense, and every knight must show valor sufficient to face it—and gain great Glory for their prowess!

The Pendragon Starter Set contains everything you need to begin questing and adventuring. It includes a selection of pregenerated characters and a short campaign offering multiple sessions of gameplay.

Pendragon Starter Set contents

Inside This Box
  • Book I: The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone: Learn the rules for Pendragon as you play this solo adventure.
  • Book II: The Fabled Realm: Everything you need to know about the game’s setting and core mechanics.
  • Book III: The Sword Campaign: A beginner-friendly campaign taking the Player-knights through the most important early events of King Arthur’s reign—three game years in all.
  • Appendices: Additional rules and setting details introduced as you play through The Sword Campaign.
  • Pregenerated Characters: Eight Player-knights, ready for adventure.
  • Battle Cards: A set of eighteen perforated cards allowing you to generate combat encounters, and quickly reference enemy combat mechanics and evocative descriptions.
  • Dice: A set of seven polyhedral dice suitable for roleplaying in Pendragon.
*price includes PDF when purchased direct from and Friendly Local Game Stores that are part of the Bits & Mortar initiative.
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Michael O'Brien

We're excited to be releasing the new PENDRAGON STARTER SET tomorrow, June 29th! It will be available to order from our US 🇺🇸, EU 🇪🇺 and AUSTRALIAN 🇦🇺 warehouses. And remember, when you order direct from the price includes the PDF.

Unfortunately though, due to delays with UK customs, the Pendragon Starter Set will NOT be available to order from our UK 🇬🇧warehouse tomorrow. We apologise, but this is beyond our control. Most likely the shipment will arrive in our UK warehouse sometime next week.


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