Release [Chaosium] Play Pendragon on Roll 20 with the new Starter Set!

Michael O'Brien

Pendragon Starter Set Roll20

Prepare to be whisked away to a historic fantasy of King Arthur's Britain with the Pendragon 6th Edition Starter Set on Roll20!

What’s Inside?​

The Pendragon Starter Set contains everything a fledgling Gamemaster requires to run a band of freshly-knighted characters through several adventures in the historic fantasy of King Arthur’s Britain.
  • The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone is a solo scenario that teaches you the basic rules as you play.
  • The Fabled Realm outlines everything you need to know about the setting and core mechanics of the game.
  • The Sword Campaign is a series of linked, beginner-friendly adventures that take the Player-knights through five in-game years of King Arthur’s reign!
Lastly, the appendix sheets additional rules and setting details you’ll discover as you play through The Sword Campaign.

Pendragon Roll20 Starter Set

Accessories, Tokens, & Knights!​

The Pendragon Starter Set module is bursting with content to help you transport your tabletop to the time of the Round Table. The set comes with 18 Battle Cards to aid the Gamemaster in generating encounters. The module also contains 8 pre-generated Player-knights, ready for adventure with full-color character art and backstory.

Pendragon Starter Set Roll20
All cards and tokens are fully integrated in the Roll20 virtual tabletop so you can draw them from your collection and flip between token borders to telegraph allegiances.

Product Information​

Roll20 Enhancements:
  • All maps, art, multi-sided tokens, and character sheets fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop.
  • The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone SoloQuest (single player tutorial and adventure)
  • The Sword Campaign (three part campaign for 2-5 Player Knights and Gamemaster)
  • A comprehensive book of rules to support play.
  • Decks of battle cards for encounters and opportunity in the fray.
System: Pendragon 6th Edition
Length: Campaign
Installation: 1 Module


Roll20 Pendragon Starter Set

Pendragon Starter Set also available as boxed set from and PDF from DriveThruRPG.

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