Press [Chaosium] Shipping and Fulfilment Update 30 November 2023: shipping dates for the holiday season

Michael O'Brien


Order from by the below dates to receive by Christmas!
  • USA: 8 December
  • CANADA: 4 December
  • UK: 15 December
  • EUROPE: 8 December
  • AUSTRALIA: 8 December
  • REST OF THE WORLD: 1 December
Please be aware that postal delivery speeds are not guaranteed; there is always risk of delays, so early ordering is better! We do appreciate people buying direct, and remember when you do you get the PDF instantly.

Our fulfilment warehouses are taking some well-deserved time off in the holiday season – here are their shipping schedules through the new year period:
  • NORTH AMERICA (Bang, MN): closed 22 - 25 December, and 1 January.
  • UK (Kixto): closed 27 December - 3 January.
  • EUROPE (Black Monk, Poland): closed between 25 - 29 Dec, and 1 January.
  • AUSTRALIA (Aetherworks): closed 22 December - 3 January.
On behalf of the whole Chaosium team, thank you for your support throughout 2023! We've still got some releases to go in December this year, including Alone Against the Static coming on 4 December; and then some huge things planned for 2024 – such as Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game, as shown above!

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