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Charke Publishing


On September 26th 2008 Charke Publishing openned it's doors with the release of Broken: The Oldest Goblin! This PDF is the 4th in the Broken: The Memory of Solaris series created by the company's founder Mark Charke.

Here is Charke Publishing's schedule for 2008.

October (Halloween): Chronomancer: Time Travel for Everyone
November: Broken: The Crystal Castle
December: Broken: The Pipedream

All of the 2008 releases are 3.5/OGL system books.

In 2009 Charke Publishing with continue to support the OGL market with two series; Broken and Second Look. Second look will take existing 3.5 material, classes in particular, and twist and change them to offer new material.

Also in 2009 Charke Publishing will start a 4th Edition series of books focused on helping older players integrate into the new system. Called Classic Classes this series with give players a more familiar starting point with which to enter the world of 4th Edition.

Later in 2009 the original 3 books from Broken are going to receive an art facelift and will be released under Charke Publishing. Much thanks to The Le Games who gave Broken: The Memory of Solaris it's start! (And kept pushing me to start the company!)

You can visit the Broken page at Broken: The Memory of Solaris or jump straight to Charke Publishing at www.Charke.ca.

Mark Charke

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I'm proud release the cover of Chronomancer, by Jason McLellan! It's everything I wanted and more.


Mark Charke



Chronomancer: Time Travel for Everyone is available now from RPGnet!

I apologize for the delay. My book on time is late. Everything was ready for the Oct 31st launch but a relatively simple problem blocked the upload. After 10 hours of trouble shooting over three days, I accidentally discovered the solution – you have to keep active on RPGnow during uploads or you time out.

There is a benefit to the delay. During the troubleshooting I created different versions of the product, including a higher resolution version (144dpi) I will be including in the product in addition to the regular version.

You can purchase Chronomancer: Time Travel for Everyone here.

Mark Charke

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