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Kickstarter Chasing Adventure Hardcover Kickstarter


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The Kickstarter for a hardcover version of Chasing Adventure has launched and will be running for 30 days. If you're interested in a physical copy of the game, or if you want a discounted PDF of the full version, now is your chance.

View the Campaign or copy the link here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/primarchspencer/chasing-adventure-hardcover-edition

What is Chasing Adventure

Starting as a revision of Dungeon World, Chasing Adventure has become its own game that portrays action movie fantasy by focusing on tense decisions, exciting risks, and smooth resolution. While it's far from the only game that sprang forth from Dungeon World, it's been widely recommended to those looking for a lighter, more narrative D&D game that doesn't change the core feeling of adventure.

For those who want to see the game itself, you can read the free PDF version here: https://chasingadventuregame.com/free

There is also a full version with a bunch of extra content across a few new chapters. It's available now on storefronts, and it's also available for a discount if you pledge for it through Kickstarter.

What You Get

All PDF and Hardcover Backers will receive a digital copy of Chasing Adventure's Full Version shortly after the campaign ends successfully. The PDF price on kickstarter is discounted compared to other storefronts, so if you've been considering grabbing the Full Version this might be the best way to do so.

Hardcover Backers will also receive a physical book of Chasing Adventure, featuring a gloss hard cover with detailed art and quality silk paper for the interior.

Shipping and Fulfillment

We will ship to anywhere in the world that Canada Post can reach. Some time before we are ready to ship the books, we will post an update where backers can provide their address and pay for shipping.

Based on our research at the time of this campaign, we estimate shipping to cost $25 CAD within Canada and $30 CAD to the rest of the world ($18.54 and $22.24 USD at time of writing). This does not include duties, taxes, or other fees specific to the destination that we cannot foresee.

Stretch Goals

We have a few ideas that we'd love to develop and release if we are fortunate enough to reach beyond our initial goal. Stretch goals will be released digitally for free once they are created. We would also like to include them in the hardcover editions, but will have to see if it proves feasible in terms of cost and fulfillment speed.

Funding levels below are in Canadian Dollars.

$15,000 - Monk Playbook - The Monk is a disciplined martial artist who works tirelessly to maintain their skills and inner peace.

$17,500 - Artificer Playbook - The Artificer is an eccentric tinkerer who creates powerful (if sometimes unstable) contraptions and substances.

$20,000 - Monster Playbook - The Monster is a terror who unleashes their true nature and connects more with other horrors than the civilization they once called home.

$22,500 - Stream Overlay - Using the style, assets, and art of Chasing Adventure. Created for 1-7 total players including the Game Master.

$25,000 - Expanded Content - additional example entries for Chasing Adventure including Assets, Magic Items, NPCs, Legends, and Tables & Generators.

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