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D&D General ChatNPC


I thought it might be fun (and potentially useful) to generate some interesting NPCs using ChatGPT. I went fairly generic to start with:

Prompt: Create a Tiefling cartographer NPC for D&D. Give them some interesting character traits and a backstory set in the Forgotten Realms. Make them a bit cranky

Name: Zara'kal Race: Tiefling Class: Cartographer

Appearance: Zara'kal is a tall and lean tiefling with dark red skin, a long tail, and a pair of curved horns on her forehead. She has a sharp, angular face and deep-set black eyes that seem to take in everything around her. She is often seen wearing a long, dark cloak and carrying a large map case filled with maps and instruments for cartography.

Personality: Zara'kal is a bit of a loner and can come across as quite cranky. She is fiercely independent and doesn't like to rely on others for help. She is also fiercely protective of her maps and will go to great lengths to keep them safe. She can be quite stubborn and doesn't take kindly to people trying to tell her what to do. Despite her grumpiness, she is a skilled cartographer and will willingly share her knowledge with those she deems worthy.

Backstory: Zara'kal was born in a small village named "Kethyr" located on the outskirts of the city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms. Her parents were both cartographers and instilled in her a love of maps and the art of cartography from a young age. She spent most of her childhood exploring the surrounding wilderness and making her own maps of the area.

When she was a teenager, her village was attacked by a group of bandits. Her parents were killed in the raid and their maps and instruments were stolen. Zara'kal narrowly escaped and was left alone and without any means to continue her passion. She swore to herself that she would find and kill the bandits, and recover the stolen maps.

She spent the next few years traveling and working as a cartographer for hire, using her earnings to fund her search for the bandits. Eventually she found and killed them, recovering her parents' stolen maps and instruments. She now travels the Forgotten Realms, offering her cartography services to those in need, and always looking for new and uncharted lands to map.


  • Zara'kal is extremely protective of her maps and will not let anyone else handle them.
  • She has a habit of talking to herself while she works.
  • She has a collection of trinkets and keepsakes from the places she's mapped and will often pull them out to remember her journey
  • She's always looking for new places to map and will often take on jobs on the most remote locations.

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Sure - same prompt:

Name: Zoltar the Tiefling Cartographer Race: Tiefling Class: Cartographer/Rogue

Appearance: Zoltar has dark purple skin, and long, wild red hair that falls to his waist. His eyes are a deep red, and his horns are long and curved. He is tall and lean, with a wiry build and a scar above his left eyebrow. He carries a set of tools for cartography, including a compass, ruler, and quill. He is always seen with a large, detailed map of the Forgotten Realms rolled up and tucked under his arm.

Personality: Zoltar is a bit of a curmudgeon. He has spent his life wandering the Forgotten Realms and mapping its every inch. He is proud of his work, but also fiercely protective of it. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and can be a bit grumpy and impatient with those who do not understand the importance of cartography. He has a dry sense of humor and a sharp wit.

Backstory: Zoltar was born in the city of Luskan, in the Forgotten Realms. His parents were wealthy merchants, but they were also members of a secret society of cartographers. They trained him in the art of cartography from a young age, and he quickly became obsessed with it. As a teenager, he left home to travel the realms and map them in greater detail. He has since returned to Luskan, but continues to travel and map new areas.

Zoltar has had many adventures over the years, and has faced many dangers. He has been captured by orcs, survived shipwrecks, and even been lost in the Underdark. But through it all, he has always managed to return with new and accurate maps of the areas he has explored. He is well respected among his peers for his knowledge and skill, but also known for his crankiness and reluctance to share his maps with anyone.

Special Abilities: As a tiefling, Zoltar has darkvision and resistance to fire damage. He also has proficiency in Cartography tools and stealth. He also has a map of the Forgotten Realms that is so detailed and accurate, it can help navigate any place in the realm.


Follower of the Way
With a program like this, what happens if you put in the exact same prompts and run it again?
Sometimes, you can even just request a different seed directly, which I believe ChatGPT allows.

Depending on how extensive, specific, and/or unusual your prompt is, you may or may not get much variation. For example, in art stuff, dragonborn are much less common than most other things (though that's slowly changing), and dragonborn have very different faces compared to most other options, so you tend to get both very samey and very weird art from art-generating programs. Meanwhile I can't imagine that "githzerai" has too many textual variations to draw on because so much of it has been defined by one dude, Dak'kon.


I really need to give this a go sometime. My partner, and english teacher, did a deep dive a few weeks ago and it seemed really fun. I


Name: Zoltar the Tiefling Cartographer Race: Tiefling Class: Cartographer/Rogue
I want to be big.


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