Check Out DRIZZT DO'URDEN'S 5E Character Sheet!

Here's a look at the character sheet of one Mr. D. Do'Urden. Chris Perkins played the character during the latest Pax East Acquisitions Inc. live game. Eagle-eyed readers might spot that Drizzt is only 8th level here; Perkins has a decent explanation for why that is: "I didn't feel it was appropriate to bring a 15th-level character to an 8th-level party." When asked what makes Drizzt so iconic, he replied "Because he's a super ninja with two magic scimitars and a magic cat! Rawr!" That last sentence is not true; what he actually said was "He puts the welfare of others before himself. He helps those who need help, including those who hate and fear him."

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Also worth noting, Perkins has said on Twitter he made Drizzt a fighter here just because he wanted fighter class features instead of ranger ones. There's no lore being tampered with here... any more than Acq. Inc. already does, anyway.


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One of the tricky things with any statline for Drizzt is that he does thing in his stories that would seem impossible at 8th, 15th, heck even at 20th level. He's really inherently a powerful NPC that gets to bend and break rules, not a PC that needs to follow them.


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Also worthy of note: He's not a proper Drow. That is, Perkins excluded the Sunlight Sensitivity trait (but, notably, kept the extra distance for Darkvision). This is probably a good thing, as Drizz't would be almost useless if he actually had to suffer that penalty.

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