"Check out my [insert link here!]" in gaming forums

Do you click through to read others' examples of past gaming stuff?

  • No, I don't click through

    Votes: 19 70.4%
  • Yes, I do click through

    Votes: 8 29.6%

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I'm curious. When you're reading a thread on an internet gaming forum and someone posts something to the effect of "Check out my [insert link/example/body of work] for an example of [fill in the blank]," do you click through and read?

I know I don't. I'll read someone's point but I usually can't be bothered to click through. Plus, for some reason I confess that I find "Check out my..." statements to be pretentious and a major turn-off to the rest of what that poster puts up.

Just wondering if I'm bad for being that way. And I'm curious to know who else might be similar! :)

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First Post
Usually I just use the "Set Link as New Bookmark" function and come back to it later unless it was especially interesting or had relevance to something I was doing at the moment. Needless to say I have an enormous bookmarks folder, some of them for sites that have been defunct for years.


First Post
Needs to be a third option, "Sometimes."

I do check stuff when it seems it might be interesting, but that's no more than maybe half the time or less.


Penguin Herder
Usually yes, but only if the topic is of interest to me. Or if I think there's an opportunity to make fun of someone's font / background / layout choices.

Cheers, -- N


Another sometimes - it depends who it is and if it sounds interesting.

And Delta, I want to subscribe to your newsletter! :D

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