Blog (A5E) Check Out The Dungeon Delver’s Guide Cover Art!

We received the cover art for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition's Dungeon Delver's Guide this week. This art is by Erik Davis-Heim, and is for a hardcover book we'll be Kickstarting later in the year. We talked a little about our 2022 plans on the offical website here a few weeks ago, but the art there is all placeholder. This is the first of those three book covers (including the To Save A Kingdom adventure and the Voidrunner's Codex) to arrive.

The Dungeon Delver’s Guide includes everything you need to adventure underground! From new player options, equipment, and magic to new Regions and locales for the Narrator, including several pre-made dungeons!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


In another thread, Morrus already confirmed we’re getting them even sooner! They’ll be coming in Adventures in Zeitgeist
I know. ;) But since A5e is world-neutral (and therefore compatible with any of O5e settings ;)), I am still interested in seeing what they'll be like in the Dungeon Delver's Guide. Ditto for any O5e race that hasn't been remade for A5e.
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Tom B1

whoever drew this adopts kobolds in their campaigns and i support that mentality
I think the notion of making them of draconic stock is interesting, but I still loved the art and the version of them from AD&D where they were more like little bipedal coyote folk. The dog theme was near and dear to me before 5E rolled along... and I do find it hard to justify having both flavours (that would have to have some weird magic to justify them both being called kobolds).

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