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D&D General Check Out This D&D Documentary Courtesy of TIME Studios

A 40-minute look at D&D's history and the community around it

Courtesy of TIME Studios you can watch a 40-minute documentary about the history of Dungeons & Dragons. Adventure Never Ends, which supports the charities Game to Grow and Aspiring Youth, looks at the tabletop roleplaying community, the stigma that has historically been associated with D&D, along with programs which use roleplaying for therapeutic purposes.

The documentary features Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby Doo), Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Daredevil) and Liam O'Brien (Critical Role).


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Neal Freeman

Be aware before you watch this that it is told from a very specific point of view. Firstly, it focusses on actors playing D&D for some reason, and secondly it gives a lot of air time to Luke Gygax, who is by any measure nothing more than a peripheral figure in the modern scene. I have to say I kind of enjoyed it, but it was...odd.


It's clearly aimed at people who aren't already into D&D or RPGs. But if I was a newcomer, I'd be curious about how RPGs actually work, and the video never demystifies that (basic stuff like what are the dice for, what are the participants supposed to do...?). After watching that, I'd probably think it's a game where you have to wear a costume...

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