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Chicago Gameday 31 is 3/17: SIGN UP TO PLAY!


And another successful Gameday has ended. Good times.

Thanks to Buzz and Games Plus for hosting and organizing. As usual, things were clear and fun.

Thanks to my players in the AM Outlive Outdead event. Not only did I have a great time watching zombies eat three of the PCs, your input is invaluable. The game is set to be released in April as a Kickstarter project. For more information, head over to Happy Bishop Games.

Thanks to my players in the PM The Laundry event. You all played woefully underskilled characters with grace and wit. I especially enjoyed the near apocalypse you caused.

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William Ronald

Gameday 31 is a wrap!

Thanks to our volunteer GMs, all of our attendees, and to the owners and staff of Games Plus. I love it when a plan comes together. :cool:

My final count for total attendance, GMs and players included, is 45, though I have a feeling the actual total is maybe 1-2 more. That's fantastic! One of the larger Gamedays, overall.

I had a blast in the Dragons at Dawn event in the morning! We approached our first encounter with a 3e/4e mindset, and it nearly got us all killed. The shock shifted us into Old School™ mode, which proved far more successful. Hirelings! Caltrops! And my thief-assasin one-shot killed an ogre with a thrown dart! Good times. Line of the session: "We can just act like America." (I.e., let's arm some insurgents to create a puppet regime!)

My Marvel event in the afternoon went really well. I'm really glad that I got a chance to play test my event a week earlier. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the system. Kudos to Spidey for cocooning Carnage, Thing for downing the annoying Purple Man in one hit, and to all the heroes for literally scaring most of their opponents into surrender.

And, of course, photos!


Thanks again, everyone! We'll do it again in the summer!

Dragons at Dawn was fun, and I think that we adapted quickly to the old approach. I fear that we may have created some problems in Willow's regular campaign.

A flannel shirt

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Thanks Buzz and Mark for running great games. And Buzz for organizing.

I had a great time and looking forward to the next one. Now if I could only make up my mind to go to gary con.


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Woooo, GameDay!

Definitely another one for the record books!

I personally had a record amount of FUN, anyway...Hero's Banner remains an incredible game, and the Second Edition refinements make it even easier to handle the mechanics and just get on with the meat of the story. Congrats (again) on a fine design, Tim...other than that character sheet thing...

[MENTION=44460]Tim C Koppang[/MENTION]:
(You still interested in that editing offer?)

And my afternoon HOCUS-FOCUS players made my first Fiasco event an outstanding success! I have no doubt our table's nigh-constant malicious laughter may have disturbed some of the other tables...including my usual Table D all the way in the back, heh. Our Fiasco characters managed to ALL shoot themselves in the foot quite nicely, and everyone roleplayed at LEAST two different characters from the books...Summer's Leanansidhe was delightfully disturbing (the inadvertent pun of her name just making it funnier,) and her follow-up line to my set-ep in the Aftermath was SUPERB. Shari's whole Aftermath was fantastically done, too, and Elijah's setting up of the whole situation and his own character's failure was pretty much a thing of (horrible!) beauty, too. I think the crowning moment was when Shari revealed that not only was the Ongoing Favor my character owed hers POINTLESS because all she was giving me was lemonaide, but the Need between Summer's character and mine of "I'm In Love...And If They Find Out, Everything Will Be Ruined" was in fact MUTUAL...because my guy was a WCV, so their True Love was utterly DOOMED.


Was fantastic, Boys and Girls, and we're going to have to do it again, sometime!
(goes back to working out a Fiasco Setting for the CW's Supernatural...)


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Good times and great fun! Thanks to Rich, Nick, Alex, Krista, Josh, and Benjamin for saving Lord Fluffypants from that white dragon! (or was it a black dragon covered in white fur, I'll never know for sure.) An appropriate amount of silliness and whimsy occured and provided me with much amusement! Thanks!

Thanks, also, to Buzz for running the Marvel Superheros adventure! I'd like to think that I can lay claim to being the worst Spiderman ever, but I did manage to coccoon Carnage, so I got that going for me. Thanks for teaching us the system. It seemed a little daunting at first, but was really pretty good.

Thanks to Curt and the gang at Games Plus for hosting, too! I neglected to buy anything this time around, but I'll make up for it next time!

(Speakin' of which...when's next time? I've got an inklin' to run some Serenity. See how I'm already droppin' the letter "g?")

Thank you, Josh, for running our little group for Fiasco. I never thought I'd laugh so hard, or feel so bad for a guy. And Elijah's phone call to Shari's 'Auntie Moira' about killed me.

"How many drinks have ye had?"

Thanks to all of you for making my first Fiasco game the best experience it could possibly be. :)


Retired game store owner
Thank you, buzz, for organizing another great Gameday.
And a big Thank You to everyone who came out. Looking forward to #32

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