Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!


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Many thanks to Buzz for organizing a great game day once again. Thank you Curt for the use of the venue. Also, thank you Mark for running a great game. I hope all the future game days run as smoothly.

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Isawa Hochiu

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What a great day! Thanks Buzz for letting Dawn Patrol get into the event schedule. I hope to have more people attend the next time around, if you allow the opportunity of course!

Mark, thanks for the great 1E adventure, haven't delved into that edition since '88. What a nice re-visit. Consider this a request to sign up for the next one too!

Until the next event, cheers!


Gameday 34 was AWESOME! Seriously, this will go down as one of my favorite Gamedays.

First off, we had a great turnout! My count is 46 attendees, give or take.

Second, I saw a *lot* of new faces this time around. That always makes me happy.

And last, great gaming! I had a blast playing in willow's event in the morning, and my Leverage event seemed to go off really well. I only regret that there was not more hitting for Elliott/PhilK to do!

Let me express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and ran events, and to our always-excellent host, Games Plus.

Photos on Facebook:

Photos on Google+:

Stay tuned for notification of dates for Gameday 35!
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Thank you Mark CMG for a fun 1E game. And thank to my fellow adventurers/players.

Trev, you did a fine conversion of Ravenloft for the D&D Playtest. And congrats to your players for destoying Strahd.

Thank you buzz for organizing, thanks to all the GMs for the hard work, and thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a fun event. And my cash register thanks you all, too! :D
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WOOOOOO, GameDay!!!

That was definitely a good one! Thanks to Jenn, Laurie, Phil & Matt for a fantastic morning game of Monsterhearts; Jenn, I'm not sure if you realize the monster you've created, exposing Laurie to this system, mwa-hahahhaMEEP. OTOH, you've definitely got another player who will sign-up whenever it's offered...and I think Phil & I were already in that camp. (Also: I watched the last two-thirds of BBC Being Human when I got home 'cuz I was too wired to sleep, and holy CRAP, that's a well-done show. As well as very heartstring-pulling, oi.)

Mike, Nick, Dave, & Reid, thanks for helping me test-run Cold Steel Wardens. I didn't run that nearly as smoothly as I should have, even without access to the rulebook, but enough fun was had that y'all said you thought having Mr. Black return for another round has potential, so I'm calling it a win. Thanks, gang! (And thanks for saying you liked the characters' backstories; weaving everything together even if only the tip of the iceberg was revealed was a lot of fun!)

As usual, I can't wait to do it all again; I hope everybody makes it back for the summer GameDay!!!


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Awesome GameDay- thanks Mark and Curt!

Thanks to my MonsterHearts players for being so awesome- I would totally watch the show of that game.

And thanks again to Mark for running Leverage- The Honey Bunches of Oats job was a lot of fun and getting Parker to repel down the Sears Tower was awesome, especially right as Sterling was hoping to catch the crew red-handed. Good times!

Josh- so glad you had fun, I had a blast running it! Favorite quote of the game "You tried to have your cake and eat it, too- then it walked out the door on you!"

Had a great time. Thanks to all! If anyone is interested, I'm running 1 2E Dark Sun game in the RPG room at Games Plus on Saturdays. Drop me a line at chris dot lites at gmail dot com.

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
I also would like to mention what a great band of adventurers took on Castle Grannus! We had a fast-paced blast clearing out the keep and discovering the dungeons below. Thanks for playing! :)


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