Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!



[size=+2][h1]Chicago Gameday 34 Sign-Up Thread[/h1][/size]

[size=+1]Gameday 34 is March 23rd.[/size]

ENWorld Chicago Gameday 34 is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus.

To participate, simply post to this thread with your intention to play in one of the following events. Event sign-up is first-come, first-serve. Be aware that the event schedule may be subject to change until the last week before Gameday. No changes will be made to the schedule after that point. PM or email me (buzz AT buzzmo DOT com) with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This thread is the primary means of communicating information about Gameday 34. Please keep an eye on the thread for any updates or schedule changes, especially in the day or so prior to Gameday. This goes double for GMs. If you'd like to be on the Gameday mailing list, just shoot me an email.

[size=+1]You can also find us on Facebook, which is another great way to stay updated.[/size]

Games Plus
101 W Prospect Ave
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
(847) 577-9656
Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)

View a map of the Games Plus gaming area to see where your events will be located.

  • 8:00am - 9:00am Slot 0: Breakfast
    Meet up for breakfast at Le Peep Grill (located across the Metra tracks, kitty-corner from Games Plus).
  • 9:15am Arrive at the store to settle in to your game tables.
  • 9:30am to 2:30pm Slot 1: Morning events
    1. Medieval Fantasy Naval Combat, Mark CMG
    2. Don't Rest Your Head, Nev the Deranged
    3. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] D&D Next, Trevalon Moonleirion
    4. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Apocalypse West (Apocalypse World), willowx
    5. Rivers and Lakes, Reidzilla
    6. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Marvel Heroic, Vyvyan Basterd
    7. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Monsterhearts, Genevieve80
    8. Hot War, WJMacGuffin
    9. Dawn Patrol, Isawa Hochiu
    10. Sentinels of the Multiverse, Reidzilla
  • 2:30pm to 3:30pm Break for lunch!
  • 3:30pm to 8:30pm (or later) Slot 2: Afternoon events
    1. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Freemarket, CoreyHaim8myDog, private room
    2. Cold Steel Wardens, Ninjacat
    3. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] AD&D 1e, Mark CMG
    4. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Durance, JoeBeason
    5. FATE Core, Pbartender
    6. [highlight]FULL![/highlight] Leverage, buzz
    7. Tomb, Vyvyan Basterd

[title]Slot 0 (Breakfast)[/title]
No limit to number of attendees.
1. buzz
2. Genevieve80
3. Nev the Deranged
4. JoeBeason
5. Pbartender
6. WJMacGuffin
7. Trevalon Moonleirion
8. dulcetaccord
9. PhilK
10. Lifelike
11. ...

[title]Slot 1: Morning[/title]

[size=+1]Morning Game 1: That Sinking Feeling[/size]
Medieval Fantasy Naval Combat, Mark CMG
Players will take on the role of sea captains in a fantasy age of sail, teams will be randomly chosen at the start of the game, and the captains will elect their admiral. The teams will confer and then the fun begins as the captains attempt to guide their ships and their crews to capture the enemy ships or blow their opponents out of the water. These simple rules will be taught at the table, younger and older players are welcome!

[size=+1]Morning Game 2: Don't Rest Yur Head[/size]
Don't Rest Your Head, Nev the Deranged
Adults Only.


[size=+1]Morning Game 3: D&D Next vs. I6: Ravenloft[/size]
D&D Next, Trevalon Moonleirion, Table E

“Under raging storm clouds, a lone figure stands upon the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Lightning splits the sky, its cold light revealing a tall form wrapping in a billowing cape of shadows. Another flash exposes a face full of power and madness, contorted by a tragedy darker than the night. Far below, a part of adventurers has entered his dread domain. He smiles. Another lightning bolt rips through the night, but the figure is gone. Only a howling wind fills the midnight air.

The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you’re invited.”

Come see if you can outwit the master of Castle Ravenloft armed with your fancy new D&D edition. A classic AD&D adventure that spawned an entire campaign setting, and was probably one of the first published adventures to have a villain with goals, a detailed background story, and a personality.

If you’ve got a current D&D Next character of 7th level that you’d like to kick the tires on, you’re welcome to bring them along—just send make a note in the sign up thread or PM me in advance.
1. Der Spot
2. Tofu_Master
3. Painfully
4. Pbartender
5. dulcetaccord
6. dulcetaccord's guest
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 4: Apocalypse West[/size]
Apocalypse West (Apocalypse World variant), willowx, Table G
Adults Only

Apocalypse West is a hack of my own design for the Apocalypse World system. The year is 1875, and it's the apocalypse. It's Deadlands meets Fallout meets the Dark Tower.

No prior familiarity with Apocalypse World is required.
1. buzz
2. JoeBeason
3. Lifelike
4. MoGristle
5. Nev the Deranged
6. Fractal Advocate
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 5: The Spicy Noodles of 1000 Awkward Deaths[/size]
Rivers and Lakes, Reidzilla
Adults Only
After a long journey nothing is as satisfying as a good meal. Unfortunately for a group of hungry xiá, there seems a lack of eating houses in this province. Even the food carts are no where to be seen. What could cause such an inharmonious circumstance?

Come and join a group of wandering kung fu warriors in search of honor, justice, and dinner. Done in the style of the deadly serious but very poorly translated/dubbed UHF Sunday kung fu specials of yore.

No experience or dice necessary (will be provided). Bring your best dubbing skills, exaggerated facial expressions, and a sense of humor.

[size=+1]Morning Game 6: Mutants of the Civil War: Where is Nitro?[/size]
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Vyvyan Basterd, private room (Table C)
Adults Only

With the Super Human Registration Act vote looming on the horizon, a villanous mutant recently escaped from the Raft was responsible for a terrible tragedy that sent the world into shock. Nitro's wherabouts are unknown and numerous agencies are desperate to locate him. You have your own reasons for wanting him found and you believe you have the best resources to accomplish the task.
1. jekessler
2. enigma1122
3. DnD_Dad
4. LordReuben
5. grizzo
6. Russ
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 7: Being Human (or a bunch of monsters share an apartment)[/size]
Monsterhearts, Genevieve80, Table A
Adults Only

So you're a monster... or you live with them. You may have graduated from the drama of high school, but life isn't all peaches and roses. You have to make rent, hold a job, remember to not kill your neighbors- you know, the usual. This game is set in the same vein as Being Human, but won't use any canon elements. Mostly the show reference is a jumping off point. No experience necessary, dice are 2d6 (provided, if needed) and Monsterhearts is a hack of ApocalypseWorld.
1. Laurie
2. Danger5
3. PhilK
4. Ninjacat
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Morning Game 8: MKISHTAR[/size]
Hot War, WJMacGuffin, Table D
Adults Only

Washington DC, Winter, 1963. It's been a year since the Cold War went hot--and this was not just a nuclear war. Far more sinister, darker weapons were deployed from the shadows, "twisted technologies" that bordered on the occult. Survival and re-building are all that matter now. As part of the Civil Defense Patrol, you and your fellow patrolmen investigate any threats to the US population: Soviet soldiers on our soil, Communist sympathizers, or creatures that the public shouldn't know about.

Days ago, a CDP team headed out on a very important mission to recover a piece of twisted technology. They have not reported back, and given the nature of their mission, you and your men are tasked with finding the team and the technology. Good luck, and God bless the USA.

MKISHTAR is an adventure for Hot War set in the United States. The system leans heavy on role playing and narrative elements but there will be combat as well. Pregens will be provided. Be prepared for horror, politics, backstabbing, and Cold War tropes!
1. CoreyHaim8myDog
2. Tim Jensen
3. Mark CMG
4. Pat
5. ...
6. ...

[size=+1]Morning Game 9: Dawn Patrol[/size]
Dawn Patrol, Isawa Hochiu, Table H

Dawn Patrol recreates the thrilling dogfights and air battles fought during World War 1. Each player pilots an airplane in a fiery test of his or her skill and nerve. There is a role-playing element, as players maintain records of their pilots' missions. Experienced pilots have some advantages over rookie pilots. These advantages grow as the pilot survives more missions and claims more kills. Become an Ace and rule the air!

For Gameday 34, a flight of American SPAD XIII's will face off against a mixed bag of German fighters in the late days of the war. 8 Slots available. Material and training provided.
1. MrOrion
2. Jim T.
3. Severian
4. JoeK
5. Jim M.
6. Eric M.
7. ...
8. ...

[size=+1]Morning Game 10: Sentinels of the Multiverse[/size]
Sentinels of the Multiverse, Reidzilla, Table F

Co-Op superhero card game
kid friendly
Rules taught/no xp necessary

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative game in which players control heroes with powers and abilities in the form of cards. Two to five players control three to five heroes who must work together to defeat the villains and survive the dangerous environments in which the battles take place.

Ultimately, either the heroes will successfully defeat the villains and foil their plans, or the villains will triumph, and the heroes will be forced to regroup to fight another day.
1. DainXB
2. FxLotus
3. ...
4. ...

[title]Slot 2: Afternoon[/title]
[size=+1]Afternoon Game 1: FreeMarket[/size]
FreeMarket, CoreyHaim8myDog, private room (Table C)

Greetings. I am your SuperUser. Today we will experience life on a toroid space station off of Saturn. Our Utopia is crowded but dynamic. We’ve turned death into little more than setback and eliminated the need for money.

What drives us then? The continuing pursuit of our shifting desires! But don’t get a Frownie, or everyone on the station will know you did bad.

We’re happy pioneers out here on the shoulder of Saturn and you can be too! So print out a spare body and buy some fresh memories and get ready for the transhumanist weirdness that is FreeMarket!

FreeMarket can handle a maximum of five users of adult age and preferably without Frownies!
1. willowx
2. WJMacGuffin
3. Pat
4. tamora
5. Fractal Advocate
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 2: A Clear & Moonlit Night[/size]
Cold Steel Wardens, Ninjacat, Table D

This city?

Is a cold, dark, bitter place. Full of crime: gangbangers, robbers, arsonists, rapists, burglars, mob families, and every form of corruption: corporate bigwigs, political figures, cops, judges, lawyers...well, I guess the lawyers aren't a surprise. Neither are the rest, really. In a city like this, somebody has to stand up for the little guy, the common man, the hopeless and the helpless. Vigilantism was outlawed by the Nornsby Act back in the 80s, but that's not stopping you. The probability of a violent death, of being beaten and worse, and of facing the worst mankind has to offer and then some isn't stopping you either, not to mention the hard choices you're going to have to make while doing so. It's a thankless job that somebody has to do, and lucky you, you're somebody. Life's tough when you're a Cold Steel Warden.

Cold Steel Wardens is a new game from Blackfall Press, LLC and being published by Chronicle City. CSW uses the MAFIANAP system, a simple multiple d10 ruleset that keeps the focus on the dark-and-gritty vigilante-superhero action. Heroes in Cold Steel Wardens investigate crimes to collect the evidence needed to convict the criminals, and of course, fight off said criminals when the need arises (as it oh-so-frequently does.) They also face challenges, challenges of working together despite conflicting methods, of being persecuted by both the police and the criminal element, and of handling the strain of being a crime-fighting vigilante...their personal Stances on multiple issues will be challenged by the trials they face!

If you're ready to make the hard choices and protect the innocent, if you're willing to face certain horror and quite possibly sudden death, you're ready to be a Cold Steel Warden. Bring some d10s to the gaming table and stop some villains, or save some civilians...and if you're lucky, you might do both and live to do it again another day.
1. enigma1122
2. Reidzilla
3. LordReuben
4. RandomSilver
5. ...

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 3: The Exploration of Castle Grannus[/size]
AD&D 1e, Mark CMG, Table H

Castle Grannus was abandoned in ages past but many fell creatures make their home among the ruins. Players will take 5th to 7th level characters into the ruined complex seeking their fortunes and trying to survive. Pre-generated characters will be provided.
1. HinterWelt
2. Trevalon Moonleirion
3. Isawa Hochiu
4. strider1970
5. Ronin84
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 4: Durance![/size]
Durance, JoeBeason, Table E
Adults Only

Prison Planet! The staff were promised a new life, the prisoners were promised a fresh start, and we were all promised an idyllic world. Together we'll decide how they lied to us, who really has power, and what happens next. A GM-less game from the designer of Fiasco.
1. Danger5
2. Tim Jensen
3. MoGristle
4. Pbartender
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 5: FATE Core vs. Tomb of Horrors[/size]
FATE Core, Pbartender
It was a late night and he was already mostly drunk, when Bobby heard the crazy old bard in the red robes and the lanky white hair sing about the Tomb of Horrors, where Venger the Demi-Lich lies in wait and collects the souls of heroes who come seeking the Key of All Power.

But he saw Venger die with his own eyes years ago... And the Key was lost when Eric threw it down the Chasm of No Return... He should find the others, if he can. They had given up hope so long ago. Maybe, just maybe, after all this time, they might still find a way home.

FATE, Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment, is a generic role-playing game system based on the FUDGE gaming system. It has no fixed setting, traits, or genre and is almost entirely customizable. It is designed to offer the least possible obstruction to role-playing by assuming that players do not want to make large amounts of dice rolls.

"I’ve seen folks describe Fate in a variety of ways. Collect them all together and it becomes a big jumble of paradoxes." - Fred Hicks

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. This adventure, based off the original S1-Tomb of Horrors AD&D adventure module and featuring characters from the popular 1980s Dungeons & Dragons animated series, is designed to be a quick and easy to learn introduction to the rules of the new FATE Core playtest.

No experience is necessary. Fudge dice and pre-generated characters will be provided for up to six players.

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 6: The Honey Bunches of Oats Job[/size]
Leverage, buzz, Table G

The rich and powerful take what they want. You steal it back. Hitter. Hacker. Grifter. Thief. Mastermind. Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. You provide... Leverage.

Take on the iconic roles of Eliot, Hardison, Sophie, Parker, and Nate from TNT's beloved TV series about master criminals fighting for the underdog as we play the official Leverage RPG from Margaret Weis Productions.

Characters will be provided and rules will be taught. Players are advised to have a healthy supply of d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s and d12s.
1. Genevieve80
2. DainXB
3. Painfully
4. jekessler
5. PhilK
[highlight]THIS EVENT IS FULL.[/highlight]

[size=+1]Afternoon Game 7: Tomb of Horrors/House of Cards Remix![/size]
Tomb, Vyvyan Basterd, Table F

Recruit a party and gear up. Some evil so-and-so infused the Deck of Many Things into Acererak's tomb. Can your party kill the most monsters? Take the most stuff? Survive the deadliest of traps? All for the glory of besting the other hapless souls daring to enter the infamous demi-lich's crypt.

This event uses the Tomb and Tomb: Cryptmasters boardgame. We will be using completely random card layout, a custom-made tomb map, and random crypt modifiers inspired by the Deck of Many Things. Familiarity a plus, but rules will be taught.
1. Laurie
2. Der Spot
3. Tofu_Master
4. JoeK
5. ...
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Der Spot

First Post
I'd like to try some D&D Next, so sign me up for Ravenloft. We meet again Strahd. I think for the afternoon I'll try Tomb with Vyv. Thanks Buzz!

Nev the Deranged

First Post
Breakfast aaaaand.... hm. Not seeing anything in the afternoon that catches my fancy. That's ok, I may be too spent by then anyway.

Mark, why did you take the disclaimer/warning out of my description? "Adults Only" is an inadequate description of the sweetmeat. I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station.

And don't talk to the audience.


Sign me up for Leverage, please! (and breakfast)

I'd like to try some D&D Next, so sign me up for Ravenloft. We meet again Strahd. I think for the afternoon I'll try Tomb with Vyv. Thanks Buzz!

Hot War please.

Breakfast aaaaand.... hm. Not seeing anything in the afternoon that catches my fancy. That's ok, I may be too spent by then anyway.

Mark, why did you take the disclaimer/warning out of my description? "Adults Only" is an inadequate description of the sweetmeat. I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station.

And don't talk to the audience.

Oops! That was a total cut-and-paste error on my part. I've added back the disclaimer. Sorry, Nev.

Sign me up for Leverage!

Added! Welcome to Gameday and ENWorld, DainXB!

Actually, sign me up for that FATE CORE game, I spent a mint on those books so I may as well learn how the game plays.


First Post

I can't choose!

There's Marvel Heroic, proven awesome...but there's Monsterhearts, also awesome, and it seems to be based on a show I love...

Actually, damn. Gen80, how based on the show IS your event? -I don't want spoilers, lol! Sad way to make a choice, but I don't think I actually CAN force myself to choose, so maybe Logic crossed with my OCD will help. (Hah.)

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