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Chicago Gameday 35 is July 13th: SIGN UP TO PLAY

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Hi Buzz,

Please sign me up for Breakfast, PM game InSpectres, and the Unofficial Sex & Drug Fueled Afterparty. (But I'm not bringing heroin this year. That :):):):) is crazy.)
(Ix-nay on the arty-pay...)

Add three people to my game, Buzz. I'll make room if necessary.
Done! You're at seven total now. Should I mark it as full?

Deniable Asset in the AM, please. Thanks!

And sign me up for All Flesh Must be Eaten if still open.

please sign me up for InSpectres if there is still a slot when you get to this post.

InSpectres is now full! I also just realized that the event title is a Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog reference! BONUS POINTS FOR GENEVIEVE80!

Hey there :) please sign me up for Morning Game 4: Seventh Inning Smackdown, Afternoon Game 6: Exploding Kingdoms... and heck, sign me up for breakfast too. This should be fun!


First Post
Buzz, please sign me up for the last seat in Deniable Asset in the morning, as well as breakfast. I may have to cancel breakfast depending on Der Spot's schedule/attendance, but I'm going to make it if I can.


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