Chicago Gameday - Pictures [Warning: many images; load at your own risk]

Unfortunately, two minutes into the game and your humble narrator (that's me) managed to kill two of the PCs. The despair is evident in this player's face.


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And this player's face, as well. Or maybe he was just excited about his 900 mile trip tomorrow, at least as compared to the game currently in progress.


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Just to give yourself (and myself, at the time) a break from the Synnibar is a picture of the remains of Trev's graduation cake.


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Another dead PC; another sad player. As you can see, by now we needed a numbering system to track them. This is dead PC #4.


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And here's dead PC #6. Tara had just asked for some beer to help her cope with the game, but PC death rescued her before the beverages could be secured.


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Now things are getting serious. MattyHelms promised a friend he would be done by 6 p.m. and meet him. It's now 8:00 and dead PC #7 means that there is only one PC in Matt's way....


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I tried my best to keep Matt until midnight. But FATE (inside joke, to those in the Synnibar-know) conspired and we soon had PC death #8.


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Then there was the question of "the prize." You see, Matt went into the store, and bought another copy of Synnibar as a prize. Who should it go to? First PC death? Last PC Death? I suggested that, in true Synnibar fashion, we roll for it. But the Players were not to be denied, and insisted it go to the last PC standing.

The entire way home, I did not let this book touch my other RPG books and gear. It is now on it's own shelf at home, and I spray the area with Febreze every hour on the hour.


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buzz said:


Matt's going to run Synnibar again next time, right? ;)
No, I think he's going to run Call of Cthulhu with Synnibar characters. :p

He did say that he can't run CoC unless "Dude" is there!

Thank you guys so much for that cake... it... wow! It completely surprised me, I had NO idea that you guys would be so thoughtful, so cool... aw hell.. gosh you guys are awesome! It really got to me that you did that just for me, and I can't thank you nearly enough... now for some pictures of my own!


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Here's our intrepid band of vikings before they were smashed to bits by a giant with (a possessed demon sword?) Mark's combats are always vastly entertaining, challenging and deadly.


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Mark's second slot game, which I did actually get to stick around for--thanks to some sneaky maneuvering by my part, and some sheer dumb luck (Thank you my new Dell Axim X5--without you, I would have had no character in Mark's game!!!)--was a sheer and absolute blast. A party of thieves trying to pull off a heist on the eve of war in Jalston...well in the typical style of any group that I game in, I think we amazed Mark with some of our "brilliance" :D

We kill a guy in a store, from the saferoom we hear. "everything alright in there?" We try to be the killed guy, but we eventually just get asked for the password. Our response, scrawled on a piece of parchment:

"I bit off my tongue, so I can't say the password. Please help."

Between that and both ejja_1 and I being slightly crazed (and coincidentally both talking with bad italian accents) it was a crazy fun game! :D

"Mind the dog!"


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