Chicago Gameday XI a success! Share your war stories.

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What, no Synnibarr?!?!?! :confused:


Please sign me up for

Slot 0: Breakfast

Slot 1: Morning events from 9:30am to 2:30pm
Game 6: The Problem With Kids Today, CoC BRP


Slot 2: Afternoon events from 4:00pm to 9:00pm (or later)
Game 3: Codex from the Crypt, D&D/d20


Looks like a lot of great games this time!


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Ronin84 said:
Looks like fun again this time....

If'n you don't mind I would like a spot in slot I the serenity game and then let's dance with the cats in slot II, please and thankyou.

Hey Ronin84, good to have you on board. You poor, poor man...with me all day... :lol:


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Wow... I am having just the toughest time deciding what to play in the afternoon... :confused: :cool:

At the very least, sign me up for breakfast.


Joshua Dyal, Barendd Nobeard, Painfully, Pbartender, rustynorm6, pvt. patterson, Redwind: Done!

Looks like FCWesel and Mark are neck-and-neck for First Event To Fill Up. :) And no love for HERO or AE! :(

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