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Chicago Gameday XX was June 14th: AFTERMATH


[size=-2]Read the FAQ to learn more about Chicago Gameday.[/size]

[h1]Chicago Gameday XX Sign-Up Thread[/h1]
ENWorld Chicago Gameday XX is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus.

Gameday XX is June 14th.

To participate, simply post to this thread with your intention to play in one of the following events. Event sign-up is first-come, first-serve. Be aware that the event schedule may be subject to change until the last week before Gameday. No changes will be made to the schedule after that point. PM or email me with any questions.

[highlight]PLEASE NOTE: This thread is the primary means of communicating information about Gameday XX. Please keep an eye on the thread for any updates or schedule changes, especially in the day or so prior to Gameday. This goes double for GMs. If you'd like to be on the Gameday mailing list, just shoot me an email.[/highlight]

Games Plus
101 W Prospect Ave
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
(847) 577-9656
Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)

  • Slot 0: Breakfast
    To be held from 8:00am to 9:00am at Le Peep Grill (located across the Metra tracks, kitty-corner from Games Plus). The reservation is under "Delsing," and for 8am. I'd advise getting there by 8am, as Le Peep service can take a while. But the food is worth it!
  • [highlight]Arrive at the store by 9:15am to settle in to your game tables.[/highlight]
  • Slot 1: Morning events from 9:30am to 2:30pm
    1. [highlight]This event is full.[/highlight] Feng Shui, Trevalon Moonleirion
    2. Paranoia XP, "Against the Little Guys," Vyvyan Basterd
    3. Trail of Cthulhu, "Mobsters and Masked Men and Mythos, Oh My!", Reidzilla (Reidzilla's table)
    4. [highlight]This event is full.[/highlight] D&D 4e, "Once More into the Breach," Cerebral Paladin
    5. [highlight]This event is full.[/highlight] H3: Heaven, Hell & Hegemony, "The Angel and the Deep Blue Sea," WJMacGuffin
    6. D&D 3.5/Arcana Evolved, "The Pearl of Storms," William Ronald
  • Meal break from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.
  • Slot 2: Afternoon events from 3:30pm to 8:30pm (or later)
    1. [highlight]This event has been removed.[/highlight] Burning Wheel, "The Gift," buzz
    2. [highlight]This event is full.[/highlight] D&D 3.5, "AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS...(no, it's not people...well, maybe a little)," TracerBullet42
    3. Unisystem Classic, "A Murder of Crowes," Ninjacat
    4. [highlight]This event is full.[/highlight] D&D 4e, "Keep on the Shadowfell: The Missing Mentor," Pbartender
    5. Iridium Version 2, "In to the Forge," HinterWelt
    6. Paranoia XP, "Send In The Clones," WJMacGuffin
    7. Agon/Delta Green, "A Day at the Races," ekb​

[h2]Slot 0 (Breakfast)[/h2]
No limit to number of attendees.
1. buzz
2. buzz's guest
3. rvalle
4. Nev the Deranged
5. Lifelike
6. ekb
7. suzi yee
8. jgbrowning
9. William Ronald
10. Nazriel
11. Sharraunna
12. Donna C.
13. ...

[h2]Slot 1: Morning[/h2]
Morning Game 1: Feng Shui
Feng Shui, Trevalon Moonleirion
[bq]Expect comedic action nonsense, and a return of the six stars of our last gameday debacle: The Unlucky Dragon. Yes. Dieter, Sophie, Beck, Kar-Wai, Benjamin, and Jim are all back for an action packed sequel.


*cue shot of Dieter maniacally pressing button on remote, followed by explosion. run date in block letters*[/bq]
1. Ninjacat
2. Jade Fire
3. ekb
4. suzi yee
5. Nazriel
6. Donna C.
[highlight]This event is full.[/highlight]

Morning Game 2: Against the Little Guys
Paranoia XP, Vyvyan Basterd
[bq]“Troubleshooters! You’ve just completed your mission successfully, where are you going now?”

“Uh, back to the communal living sector?”

“NO! Your friend the Computer is sending you to the newest mandatory fun attraction…Dungeon Sector!”

“What’s that?!”

“A live action game zone based on old documents recently downloaded called ArePeeGees. You get to interact in a completely safe environment, killing clone-vat monsters and taking their stuff.”

“How does it work?”

“You do not have the proper security clearance.”

“It sounds dangerous!”

“Questioning the computer’s intent is treason.”

“Do we have to go? It’s REDdimade Peetzah night.”

“Attendance is required, happiness is mandatory! Welcome to Level One!”

Rules knowledge is not necessary, in fact, knowledge of the rules is against the rules.[/bq]
1. buzz
2. buzz's guest
3. TracerBullet42
4. Yort
5. ...
6. ...

Morning Game 3: Mobsters and Masked Men and Mythos, Oh My!
Trail of Cthulhu, Reidzilla (Reidzilla's table)
[bq]It’s the Dirty ‘30s and the big city is plagued with crime. Who will help the constabulary to uphold the peace? Who will enforce justice upon the fiendish lords of felony? It’s the Crimebusters!

Come join The Knave, Iron Fist, Lord Noble, and The Stalker as their investigation of supposed Mob violence leads them down a precarious path most macabre...

No previous Trail of Cthulhu experience necessary but a love of the Lovecraftian would be helpful. Pre-gen characters and dice will be provided. Just bring a sense of adventure and a desire to lose some sanity.

View the available pregen characters[/bq]
1. Nev the Deranged
2. pvt. patterson
3. JoeGKushner
4. ...

Morning Game 4: Once More into the Breach
D&D 4e, Cerebral Paladin
[bq]After many years of fighting the innumerable forces of evil that threaten these lands, you liberated the town of Cliffhaven from its tyrant and retired. Since then, life as the leaders of the town has been quiet-- a little too quiet, for some of you. But now an old threat has returned, and it falls to you to pick up sword and staff once more to defend your home, lest the light of Cliffhaven fall dark forever.

Once More into the Breach is a D&D 4e adventure for 6 pregenerated characters of roughly 11th level. No experience or familiarity with 4e (or with role-playing in general) is expected. Rules will be taught, and beginners are welcome.[/bq]
1. rvalle
2. Tofu_Master
3. Laurie
4. Painfully
5. thalmin
6. dmdm24
[highlight]This event is full.[/highlight]

Morning Game 5: The Angel and the Deep Blue Sea
H3: Heaven, Hell & Hegemony, WJMacGuffin

The angel Beshael has slipped into our universe and is hiding on the fringe world Leviticus. It’s your team’s job to hunt her down, to capture her alive and bring her to the Hegemony prison on Pavonis. This isn’t a cakewalk! Not only are some citizens on Leviticus sympathizers for Heaven or Hell, some of your own team might be secretly working against the Hegemony—maybe even you?

H3 is a new scifi rpg that can be considered combination of Traveller, In Nomine, and Paranoia. Heaven and Hell struggle against a technological, secular Hegemony for control of humanity. Your character works for the Hegemony but might secretly work for Heaven or Hell. The rpg includes an Effort System that allows players to decide how much effort their character will put into a given action—more effort means bigger rewards … or failures. And yes, you can finally play a Level 3 Buddhist! Pregens will be provided. [/bq]
1. Keel Tings
2. bigznak
3. Lifelike
4. Tekkmage
5. Sharraunna
6. grymhild
[highlight]This event is full.[/highlight]

Morning Game 6: The Pearl of Storms
D&D 3.5/Arcana Evolved, William Ronald
[bq]You and your allies have previously secured three ancient magical items - the Hand of the Mountain, the Heart of Winter, and the Staff of the Seven Winds. Now, you have been asked to find the last of the four items associated with spellcasters of a vanished age - the Pearl of Storms? Who is trying to stop your ship as you journey in unexplored waters? Will you be able to retrieve the Staff of the Seven Winds and use it and the other items to contact the creators of these items - who last walked the world millenia ago and left a message for those who find the items and have need of their aid. An adventure for 6 characters of 13th level. Characters will be provided.

This game uses the D&D 3.5 rules and the Arcana Evolved rules. Familarity with either set of rules is not required, and new players are welcome.

If you can play Dungeons and Dragons, you can play in this game.[/bq]
2. Fenril Knight
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...
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[h2]Slot 2: Afternoon[/h2]
Afternoon Game 1: [highlight]This event has been removed[/highlight]

Afternoon Game 2: AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS...(no, it's not people...well, maybe a little)
D&D 3.5, TracerBullet42
[bq]Three words (given to me by the great Reidzilla):


It didn't take long for people to take notice of the fantastic feastings had at The Tonga Room. It became even more evident after capturing a giant frickin' elephant with a city on it's back and turning it into a mobile restaurant, "The Travellin' Tonga." People take notice of these sorts of things. Good people. Bad people. Important people. Powerful people...dangerous people.

So it would make sense that other-planar creatures are intrigued by this little former halfling, former kobold, again halfling who cooks things just so...

Wouldn't you know it, the time for the planar cook-off is just around the corner, and you're invited.

AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS...(no, it's not people...well, ok, maybe a little...) is a D&D 3.5 adventure that follows up on the previous gamedays "The Runaway Bride", "The King's Wedding Day (Or Should I Say Deadding Day...Is that McBain-y Enough For You?)", and "THE GIANT FRICKIN' ELEPHANTS WITH CITIES ON THEIR BACKS ARE COMING!!!" though it is not necessary for you to have played in them. This adventure is designed with love and care for up to six players (although there will be eight characters to choose from). We will be using some of the alternate rules from Unearthed Arcana, including the facing rules. (Don't worry, they're easy, and I'm not an ogre about it.) No previous experience is necessary (but it wouldn't hurt, since they'll be 12th level PCs) as I can teach you the rules as we play. Just bring some dice and a willingness to have a little fun.

"... and be at the last table still playing at the end of the night while everone else is waiting to close up!" -rvalle[/bq]
1. Trevalon Moonleirion
2. rvalle
3. Keel Tings
4. bigznak
5. gperez1234
6. Tekkmage
[highlight]This event is full.[/highlight]

Afternoon Game 3: A Murder of Crowes
Unisystem Classic, Ninjacat

It's been a quiet night at the Roadhouse, one or two "normals" passing through and maybe putting the usual patrons of Harvelle's that slightest bit on edge, always a pain when hunters have to play nice with the normals in a place where they're supposed to be able to relax. But there weren't any problems, and now it's the wee hours of the morning, the Roadhouse shutting down & visiting Hunters settling in for the night when a group who were on an important hunt down in Kansas return. Something followed them back...

"A Murder of Crowes" is a Unisystem adventure for up to six players in the setting of the CW's Supernatural television show. No experience necessary; Unisystem is a simple system to learn and use, requiring only 1d10 for all rolls other than damage. Familiarity with the Supernatural TV show is not needed, though it might prove useful. The only thing you need to know is that ghosts, demons, hauntings, possessions, etcetera are real, and some people fight back against the supernatural, saving people, hunting things...

View a list of available PCs[/bq]
1. Tofu_Master
2. Vyvyan Basterd
3. Laurie
4. dmdm24
5. Yort

Afternoon Game 4: Keep on the Shadowfell: The Missing Mentor
D&D 4e, Pbartender
[bq]Douven Staul, the man who trained you for a life of adventure bade his friends farewell three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon's tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard?

He should have returned some time ago, and his continuing absence bodes ill. You fear the worst and are determined to find out what happened to your mentor.

This is a 4th Edition D&D for up to six 1st-level pre-generated characters. Quick-start rules will be provided. No experience is necessary; beginners are welcome.[/bq]
1. Jade Fire
2. AstroCat
3. Keibot
5. Lord Idiot
6. Nev the Deranged
[highlight]This event is full.[/highlight]

Afternoon Game 5: In to the Forge
Iridium System V2, HinteWelt
[bq]This is a sequel to "Fly you Fools!" based in Britannia for Roma Imperious. Summary with maps. AP Report.

As you return to the Villa Bato, amidst the ruin and destruction of the final Machina Draconis attack, a plebe from an out lying farm arrives. His name is Brom and he warns of a Giant raiding party that just destroyed his farm. This is most unusual since the Giants have lived in peace with the Villa Bato for over 50 years. Dectus Bato claims your original mandate is still in place and declares you must rid Bato of these beasts or face the wrath of the Empire. Despite the Herculean feat just accomplished, you see your duty and press on.

This will be my first run with Iridium V2 (although it has had a very thorough play test) and newcomers as well as Iridium veterans are all very welcome.

View more info about this event on the HinterWelt site[/bq]
1. Mark
2. suzi yee
3. William Ronald
4. Fenril Knight
5. James J. Skach
6. ...

Afternoon Game 6: Send In The Clones
Paranoia XP, WJMacGuffin
[bq]Someone is singing treasonous songs over the Alpha Complex public address system such as "I'm An Alpha Complex Dandy" and "Top Hat, White Tie, and Laser". You—yes, YOU!—must track the Commie Mutant Traitors down and put a stop to their insidious but catchy treason. Oh, and if you've heard nasty rumors (rumors are treason) about Teela-O-MLY, the darling of Alpha Complex, forget it. No such rumors exist. Belief in the existence of said rumors is treasonous so forget it immediately. If you're still thinking about the last statement, you should probably report for termination. Thank you for your cooperation, have a nice day.

Introducing Send In The Clones, a classic PARANOIA mission updated for the XP rules. Featuring:
- Sewerworld!
- Bureaucracyworld!
- A singing GM! (Yes!)
- Opportunities to shoot other PCs a-plenty!
- A real pie that will get thrown in someone's real face! Really!
- And the most annoying robot ever invented--the Funbot![/bq]
1. Lifelike
2. Nazriel
3. Sharraunna
4. grymhild
5. Cerebral Paladin
6. ...

Afternoon Game 7: A Day at the Races
Agon meets Delta Green, ekb
[bq]Not everything in the life of a DG cell is so exciting... but it still needs to be done. After the massive shakeup after 9/11 (death of 2/3 of the original Alpha Cell, the fall of Karotechia, the rise of occult terrorism, the "new" Delta Green operating under Department of Homeland Security), there are some operations that are best farmed out to the "old boys" to preserve the low-key status of the "real" DG.

Such is the lot of the newly-formed Charlie Cell: the agents are all veterans (survivors) of other cells, but are currently doing field research on animal mutilations under the guise of USDA inspections. Normally, this is grunt work - but this grunt work keeps the cowboys around. This latest batch... something's not quite right...

The 3 main PCs are these "old school" agents, the rest will be various "friendlies" who may or may not be part of the DHS Delta Green.

"A Day at the Races" is a competitive game using Agon's rules and the Delta Green (modern horror espionage) setting. No familiarity with playing either system is needed - but could prove useful. A full polyhedral dice set and some sort of avatar/mini/token for your character will be needed - please bring your own or be subjected to my infamous demonstration of "well loved dice."

There will be 8 pre-gens on hand, but there will be some character development at the table (rules review/overview, oaths, insanity tracks, credits and leadership assignment) before we start.

Agon quickstart rules
"Dagon" character sheet
Weapon cards
Agon One-Shot House Rules & Clarifications.pdf
Delta Green Initial Brief.pdf
1. Reidzilla
2. Gwen110
3. pvt. patterson
4. buzz
5. buzz's guest
6. Donna C.
7. ...
8. ...
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Keel Tings

First Post
Woo hoo!! Another Gameday! Time to Kill Things, er... I mean adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from our own.

Hmmmm... Buzz can u please sign me up for
WJMacGuffin's "the Angel and the Deep Blue Sea" in da mornin
TracerBullet42's "And the secret ingredientis..." for the afternoon

(The Princess is famished...)


rvalle said:
Please sign me up for breakfast, slot 1 game 4 (4th ed) and slot 2 game 2 (secret ingredient).
Keel Tings said:
Buzz can u please sign me up for
WJMacGuffin's "the Angel and the Deep Blue Sea" in da mornin
TracerBullet42's "And the secret ingredientis..." for the afternoon


Hi Buzz,
Would you, please sign me up for slot 1, game 4 and of-course, I can't miss Ninjacat's third installment of the Supernatural game slot 2, game 3. Little bummed that we're not reserving a big table for breakfast, but look very forward to the familiar, friendly faces @ gameday. ;)


First Post
please sign me up for...

H3 The Angel and the Deep Blue Sea
in the morning slot.

And Tracerbullet's D&D in the afternoon slot.

Thanks Buzz.

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