DMs Guild [Chris Valentine] The Rookery: Love Live the Goblins has been released! (5th module in the Rookery)


The Rookery, Domain of Delight

This Feywild demiplane was once a flourishing nature preserve meant to help rehabilitate endangered and threatened creatures. The book containing it was lost and then rediscovered centuries later. These modules take adventurers through the plane to learn what transpired while it was abandoned.
The Rookery: Love Live the Goblins

WBW-DC-ROOK-1-4, Tier 1, APL 4, 4 - 6 hours
Evidence shows a nation of goblins to the east. A crew will be sent to make contact and see if they can shed light on the history of the area. Challenges arise as they cross the purple plains toward their capital, Angrwyld.


Product Link:
Rookery 1-4: The Rookery: Love Live the Goblins

This is a direct sequel to:
Rookery 1-3: The Rookery: City of the Dead

Other adventures in this domain:
Rookery 1-2: The Rookery: Rise of the Everplume
Rookery 1-1: The Care and Maintenance of the Rookery
Rookery 2-1: Rapid Resettlement in the Rookery

More in the series to follow. The domain originally premiered at Arizona Game Fair 2022. This adventure premiered at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2022.

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