Christmas Present for Travellers - Free Stranded Adventure!


We have just posted a complete and self-contained - and free! - adventure for Traveller.

Stranded is a remastering of a classic Traveller adventure, reimagined by Martin Dougherty.

Forced to eject from a crippled starship, the Travellers find themselves on a glacier with nothing more than the contents of their survival kits. The only settlement on-planet is 250 km away through rugged terrain, and it appears rescue is not coming. In Stranded, the Travellers are forced to rely on their own resources. Deprived of advanced technology, they must solve the problems they encounter on the long march to safety. Food, warmth, and a dry place to sleep are suddenly luxuries to be earned the hard way.

You can download your own copy straight away right here: Stranded - Mongoose | Traveller |

This is our Christmas gift to all dedicated Travellers. We wish you a very merry holiday and a prosperous New Year!


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