D&D 5E Chronurgy wizard


I'm building one wizard from chronurgy school, stat should be

8 str
14 dex
14 con
16 int
12 Wis
8 Cha
It's a variant human. Any advice to mix better stat are welcome. Actually i put 14 dex because i thought to get the first level in artificer, for the mid armor and shield competence, but i would like to know if you think this it's worth a lv of delay on spells and feats. Also as first feat i thought to get warcaster or lucky, which do you think it's better? At LV 5 he should get +2 int, LV 9 better +2 int or a feat?

That said, i would also know advices on good use of the subclass in general, but especially about arcane abeyance. The First that come in my mind is familiars for everyone (we are a group of 3 players, a cheric/warlock, a barbarian/fighter and this wizard), but also use spells with a long casting time like "istant". Magic circle, glyphs, What else it can do? The barbarian polymorphying itself?

Thanks to everyone who will reply.

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