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Chururgeon Alchemist/Battle Medic. Combo or not?


So the Chirurgeon subclass option for Alchemist allows you to use Alchemy in place of Medicine in place of any of the Medicine trained and untrained uses. I've built one who also has Battle Medic as a side effect of his background and now I've been wondering. The wording of the two abilities could be taken two ways. And So I'm not sure how it should work, or not work.

Side note, I know Natural Medicine doesn't work with it, but that is also worded differently than Chirurgeon.

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From my reading Battle Medicine is not Treat Wounds. It provides the healing, but does not remove the Wounded Condition. It does explicitly call for a Medicine check. In a home game I would likely allow Chiurgeon to use it with Alchemy, but it does not seem to work that way as written.

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