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Kickstarter City of Shiran for ONE DOLLAR

James Eisert


For the Kingdom of Azadmere Kickstarter, we have now added an entire city to the Tempting Teaser pledge level!

That's right! For only one dollar, you can get one of the most detailed cities in RPG history! It is 34-pages of awesome content ($24.99 value).

We invite you to back our Kingdom of Azadmere Kickstarter and join ranks with legions of "Hârniacs”!

Shiran is a major economic and cultural center in the Republic, and it has a reputation for corruption and hedonism. Shiran offers gamemasters many opportunities for urban intrigue and adventure. The Shiran article provides an overview of the city's history, economics, religion, government, and military forces. It also includes a full-page color player map, color GM maps for each district of the city, and descriptions of more than 125 locations. Color floor plans and detailed descriptions are included for the Pamesani Arena, the Crimson Palace, and the Temple of Halea.

Go to the Kickstarter and pledge $1 to get the City of Shiran!

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