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This digital supplement will constitute Chapter 3 of the forthcoming Nations & Cannons campaign book “The American Crisis: War in the North.”

With the Thirteen Colonies in open revolt, the continent of North America has become a battleground. Check your course, blaze a trail, and chart your campaign with The Colonial Gazette, an atlas of the 18th century world! These annotated maps include everything you need to plan your own stories set in Revolutionary America. Inside this PDF you'll find:
  • Descriptions of the Regions of 18th-century North America and the Peoples that inhabited them.
  • A travelogue of 66 unique Points of Interest across 18th century North America.
  • A chart of Boston under siege—the rebellious city where it all began.
  • Descriptions of war-torn New York City, newly occupied by British forces.
  • The history of sprawling Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.
  • A map of Quebec City, a fierce loyalist haven and former capital of New France.
Covering settlements and outposts as well as significant mountains, valleys, and bodies of water east of the Mississippi, the areas detailed in this PDF include stories from American, British, and Spanish territories, as well as the many Indigenous nations caught between them. Explore the New World from the northern expanses of Canada to the tropical islands of the Caribbean!

Nations & Cannons is a 5e-compatible campaign setting for 18th Century adventures!

Straight from the pages of history, this ruleset offers new backgrounds, feats, and character options for living and fighting in the Age of Revolutions.

Designed for students, educators, and gamers alike, you can download the Nations & Cannons: Quickstart Guide for free!

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