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I think OOC classes would be better, because i'm still new at this myself and so are the people i usually rp with, so, I know a few people who would benefit from OOC classes just like I would

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Everyone at one point was new to role-playing and started out at the begining, over time everyone improves and develops their own style of rping. If you wish for tips I can give some, that and I want to role play with new people I haven't before.


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I'll talk to other Magi, check schedules, and see who can do what. Life is busy for me and this weekend is particularly bad but maybe next weekend. Maybe even a quick get-together sometime during the week.


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Also do not forget the tutorials, on the main page most of the info taught on roleplaying will be in there. Lots of good stuff for new players and good refreshers for oldies.


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Dude, I want to be taught really basic things like:

a) character sheet & character creation
b) all the other things my experience is missing...

On the other hand, if no one else needs to learn it with me, it's pretty pointless.


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I'd be glad to help with this, I remember the old classes that used to be held when we were on WoTC still. I don't see why we can't help teach people on creating pen and paper characters as well, especially if they want to base their ISRP character after those stats.

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ok, ok, sounds like we are getting a good start on things, so, i guess we will have some classes for acctual rping, character making,etc. And some classes for things like races, habitats, and skills?

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