Clear reputation comment from Notifications


Orcus on a bad hair day
Is there any way to clear a reputation comment notification? I read the back articles, I know what it is. But when it showed up this past week I haven't been able to clear it.

If clicked it leads to my subscribed threads - I even emptied them.

If there is no way for me to clear it, can the admins do something? As far as I know the system is long discontinued - perhaps a quick clear them from everyone in the database?

Thank you for your time.


Orcus on a bad hair day
That one was so recent because I commented on it 5 days before when this started. But that was confirming I had the same error as others, and giving the time/date in case it was useful for tracking down why the disabled reputation comment system was activating. I did mention removal, but it was an old thread.

This thread is focused on asking if there was any way to reset it for me and the others suffering from it, even if it's an admin running a SQL statement to clear them out of the database to give temporary relief. After 5 days I fidn it to be a real distraction, triggering years of "I've got a response!" habit.
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