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Cleric build


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Hello all I am making a cleric for our local game which we are running City of the Spider Queen. I just wanted to post it here and see if anyone else had recomendations for how to make him more effective in turning, casting or in melee (his forte I hope) Thanks for the input!

Cleric 10 of Helm
Str: 13, Dex: 13, Con: 14, Wis: 20 (effective 22 with spell casting prodigy) Int: 10, Chr: 22

AC: 22 (10+9 from +1 fullplate, +1 dex, +2 from large steel shield)
Buffed AC: 27 (+3 and +3 on fullplate and large shield)

Saves: Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +14

Attacks +10/+5 melee 1d10+2 (17-20x2)
+12/+7 melee 1d10+4 with GMW
+15/+10 melee 1d10+7 with GMW and Bulls Str avg roll
1d10+14 with Divine Might feat used
Damage and attacks continue to go up with more buff spells...

Feats: Extend spell (from Planning Domain), Scribe Scroll, Spell Casting Prodigy, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword, Power Attack, Divine Might

Possesions: +1 Keen Ghost Touch Bastard Sword, +1 Fullplate of Command, +2 cloak of Resistance, Eyes of the Eagle, Chime of Opening, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Periapt of Wisdom +2

Every morning I will cast the following spells to last me all day: Greater Magic Weapon on my bastard sword, Magic Vestments on my Shield and Armor, Bulls Strength, Endurance and Fox's Cunning. When melee is joined I can use my divine might feat for +6-8 (depending on fox cunning roll) to damage, and Strength domain for even more damage. Also clerics have plenty of other short term buffing spells to help me in combat.

Thats all I can think to include now, if anymore is needed I'll be checking up on this every so often. And again I appreciate any comments or suggestions.

(Edit: added AC)
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I had the same question on this board here just a few weeks ago.

I got a lot good advice, here's what they told me:

For feats I would recommend persitant spell from T&B. It is awesome combined with the divine favor spell. Instead of a couple of rounds it now lasts 24hr. That means +3 attack roll and +3 dmg for a give away. I also think (for a cleric) quick draw is a must, so you can switch between weapon or spell as a free action

Spells: Divine favor and Divine Power for one Buffed up cleric.

A bastard sword is cool but consider 1d8 dmg from a regular weapon against 1d10 +feat. Effectively you'll do 1 point of damage more with a bastard sword. That is pretty expensive for a feat. You can instead take quick draw or persistant spell. But if you want to keep the bastard sword because it is part of your character and his strength domain, than keep it. You should play a character the way you like it

Take Boots of speed or if you have to beg for a haste spell by the wiz/sor. Combined with the divine power, you'll have a juggernaut of destruction with four attacks and an AC 31 (with haste).


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To be more effective in combat, switch out scribe scroll for Persistent Spell (T&B). This will enable you to cast a persistent divine power for +3 to hit and damage until the next day.

I'm not sure about the wand of cure moderate wounds. It would be more efficient in terms of gold to get three wands of cure light wounds and spend the extra 1500 gp on things like scrolls of invisibility purge, remove paralysis, remove fear, obscuring mist, etc. It's not as if cure moderate wounds spells are sufficient for combat healing at level 10 anyway. . . .


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I'd switch that keen for a +2, possibly go for a +3. GMW will easily be dispelled and how often you want to cast it again on your sword? And it'll be a pain with a +1 weapon there.

Be careful with that Endurance, never let your hitpoints drop too low. We had more than one cleric going down as his endurance was dispelled.

What's the second domain?


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My two domains are Planning (where i get extend spell) and Stregnth domain. I am using the bastard sword because it is Helms favored weapon (though long sword makes more sense too me)... mostly flavor reasons.

After reading Persistant spell I am up in the air about it now. On one hand the scribe scroll is good for at the end of the day i can scribe alot of utility spells so I dont have to memorize them later, and dont have to go back to town to purchase them. Also our party rogue can use the scrolls i scribe with his "use magic device" skill, allowing us to sort of have 2 clerics at times. Maybe I'll pick up Persistant spell at 12th level?

I got the wand of cure moderate mostly as a backup, In our campaign the CLW wand is more expensive than 750 as our DM thought it was too cheap, so I went for the CMW one. Also I wanted the wand so our rogue can (again) use his "Use magice Device" skill to heal me or other party members should I become incapacitated.

Our party wizard will have mass haste so I'm not too worried about boots of speed. I may get a glove of storing to keep my bastard sword in. I think its a free action to retrieve it from the glove, though I may be wrong.

I think I may switch bastard sword to +2 ghost touch, also a good point about dispelling and not being able to hurt stuff with high DR.

Thanks for all the input so far, your suggestions are all great!


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If Helm as a patron doesnt matter much you could go for Garagos (CN) as a patron deity instead. On top of that you could go for the Divine Disciple PrC and get a third domain for free.

That way you could get the domains:

Destruction (smite 1/day +4att / +1 dam/level)
Strength (1/level strength boost for 1 round)
War (Free proficiency in deity's favored weapon, longsword for Garagos)

Lose some of the abilities on the weapon to make it:
Sure Striking (+1)
Spell Storing (+1)

Spell storing is very good, since you are a cleric and can put your 3rd level inflict / cure spells in it depending on if you are fighting undead or not. your local party wizard might even be tempted to cast vampiric touch on it wich could net you 5d6 hp in a pressed situation.

Remember divine favor since it rocks.
and last but not least if your DM allows Relics & Rituals use the first level spell Smite.

Boots of Speed and a cloak of resistance +3 is worth a consideration. haste is too good to be true and resistance +3 i also worth the money.


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Ok, so I'm going to drop the exotic proficiency and go for persestant spell. Switching the to a heavy mace +2 spell storing. Thanks for all the suggestions! To the last poster, yes Helm is a pretty important choice as it ties in with the adventure.

Lastly, does anyone have any prestige classes they recommend for later levels?


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OK, final update, the only thing I am considering changing is possibly to a +1 heavy mace of Disruption (it is a +2 right?) Sure Striking doesnt sound too apealing to me personaly since I can cast GMW several times per day, and so can our Wizard. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.


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daTim said:

Lastly, does anyone have any prestige classes they recommend for later levels?

Hospitaler (DotF) is very good, since you get to keep you're spellcasting class, you get the BAB bonus of a fighter and some extra feats. The only drawback is that you turn undead 2 lvls lower.......but hey I can live with that.

You and your GM have to decide if it works for your character.

Grz Asheron

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