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Cocaine Owlbear for Savage Worlds! - Now on Kickstarter

Cocaine Owlbear is a short adventure (and adventure generator!) of magical drug-fueled whimsy for Savage Worlds. The heroes are native critters of a fantastical forest tasked with scoring more of the enchanted nose-candy that gave them sentience before the effect wears off and they return to their less fun, less paranoid woodland ways forever!

You’re a woodland creature who has recently gained sentience when you ingested magical cocaine from
the satchel of an unlucky traveler in your forest.
With your newfound intelligence, you plunder the belongings of the courier you killed. You find that he or
she had a complicated heist plan written on parchment and hidden in their satchel bag. But it’s not just
any heist. It is a complicated heist that involves stealing more of the enchanted cocaine that has granted
you sentience and made you really jittery.
Can you take a chance that when the cocaine wears off you’ll revert to being a mere woodland animal?
No, you cannot.
You have to get more of that enchanted cocaine! Luckily, you have this written plan from the deceased
courier that requires discipline and exact execution.
Unfortunately, you’re a goddamned coked-out enchanted woodland creature prone to rage.

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