WOIN Combat and conditions- advice req

Hi please can I have some advice on a couple of points

1-Under the combat section it reads
Make an unarmed melee attack normally and if you hit you grab your target, giving it the Restrained
condition and You can apply this condition twice to increase the level of the Restrained condition.
So my question is : to apply the condition twice is that a 2nd action and a 2nd unarmed combat check ?

2- with the severe condition of Restrined it reads :
You cannot take any actions, and your physical DEFENCEs drop to 10 to all except the creature restraining you
So my last question is how do you escape the severe restrained condition and if you can are there any penalties to the check ?

I would appreciate any advice with this


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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I don't know which book you're using but --

1) yes
2) all conditions which do not allow actions allow you to still take an action to end them

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