Level Up (A5E) Combat Maneuvers and Multiclassing

This just came up during last night's session, so I figured I would ask the community to make sure I'm doing this right. The players just leveled up to 14. The ranger took her second level in rogue, so she is ranger 12/rogue 2. At level 12, rangers have 7 maneuvers of up to 3rd degree. At level 2, rogues get 2 maneuvers of 1st degree. We thought the multiclassing rule was a little unclear, but what I think is supposed to happen (and what I decided last night) is that she gets two more maneuvers for the rogue level, she gets proficiency in two traditions from the rogue list (for a total of 4 tradition proficiencies), and the two new maneuvers can be up to 4th degree because level 14 rangers have access to 4th degree maneuvers.

Is that correct? Thanks.

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Yeah, you've got it precisely. From multiclassing:

If you gain the Combat Maneuvers class feature from more than one class, you gain any additional combat traditions or maneuvers the features provide but your exertion pool remains the same and does not stack.
So you gain the tradition access from 2nd-level rogue and two maneuvers,
You use your class levels in every class that grants combat maneuvers to determine the highest degree of combat maneuvers you can learn, determined by the class with the greatest access. For example, if you have 3 levels of fighter and 10 levels of herald you can learn combat maneuvers of up to 4th degree (like a 13th level fighter).
and ranger is the class with the greatest access, so you check what degree of maneuver you could learn as a 14th level ranger.

Mike Myler

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