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Combining 3.5e with Friday Night Firefight/Interlok?


Exactly as the title implies. Was trying to scratch build a system taking the best from both while making everything a skill check and still using a d20 mechanic. I'm one of those players that loves granularity, and there were a few features in FNFF/Interlok I loved, like the Attempt Points for skill checks, and the armor mechanic that didn't actually make it harder to hit you, just made you more durable. I would love to make such a system for those of us who enjoy such granularity and nitty-gritty lethality of FNFF, but love the absolute mind-boggling breadth of 3.5e's supplements. Yes, I get that not all the third party stuff was great, but there was so much there that you could pick and choose and make incredibly rich and detailed campaign full of surprises.

So, is it possible? Is it worth it is a separate question, but I think it may be worth a try. What kinds of things should be implemented if we were going to keep the d20 mechanic while still making everything a skill? Should we keep the sand bagging DR effect from high strength that FNFF featured? I was going to do different damage types vs different armor types, too, as in chain mail would have higher DR versus piercing and slashing damage, but not so much against bludgeoning, and the like. What kinds of mechanics should be implemented in such a system? I had a rough outline of something I was calling Reflexive Dynamic RPS, where each skill was one of three types: reflexive, like save throws and dodges, dynamic like using a weapon or picking a lock, and static, like defenses, with some skills being allowed to be used during enemy turns when certain conditions were met, like an enemy rolled a critical fumble and the like.

Would love to hear if someone actually attempted something like this. I know Mongoose Publishing had alternate rules for a more lethal variant of 3.5e in their Ultimate Game Designer's Compendium (along with really cool rules for chariot racing, aerial combat, ship combat and the like). Hoping to spark a discussion with this thread so feel free to chime in with thoughts, ideas and critiques. Thank you ahead of time! Be gentle--it's only my second post! lol

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