Come Play a Role in Our Exciting Journey!

Eric W. Brittain

Hey there, fellow gamers! We've got some seriously awesome news to share from the Organized Play Foundation, and we couldn't be more stoked to spill the beans. So, settle in for some exciting updates.

First things first, earlier we shared news about our brand-new status: we've officially been granted non-profit (tax exempt) status by the IRS. This isn't just a change in paperwork; it's a massive leap forward in our mission to spread the joy of gaming worldwide. We're talking collaborations with game creators, publishers, manufacturers, retailers, convention organizers, and some of the most passionate volunteers out there.

As we venture into this new era, we're eager to join forces with gamers from all corners of the globe. Together, let's amplify the mission of the Organized Play Foundation, creating an inclusive community where games become the bridge that unites us.

Now, here's where you come in! Are you someone with a passion for making a difference? The Organized Play Foundation is on the hunt for 6-10 awesome individuals to join our active working board ( Whether you're a non-profit pro or a gaming enthusiast looking to dive headfirst into a cool adventure, your unique skills and dedication are exactly what we need.

So, what's in it for you when you become part of the team?
  • Make a Real Impact: We're all about building safe and inclusive gaming communities that rock.
  • Use Your Skills: Whether you have skills in areas like law, accounting, education, marketing, fundraising, or grant writing, your expertise will shine here.
  • Monthly Board Meetings: Join us for monthly board meetings where you can strategically contribute your time, talent, or treasure ( to help us level up our mission.

No prior experience on non-profit boards? Don't let that hold you back! At OPF, we cherish a strong commitment to our cause and the eagerness to make a significant impact.

Join us on the board in a collaborative environment where strategy meets action, working together towards our collective vision.

If you're interested or know someone perfect for this role, please reach out to us. Send an email to with a statement of interest and your resume or LinkedIn profile.

At the Organized Play Foundation, we're all about turning our love for gaming into something bigger—a chance to make the world a better place through play. With our new non-profit status and the opportunity to join our team, we invite you to be a part of our epic journey. Together, we'll build a global community where the magic of gaming brings us all closer and play our way to a brighter future.

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