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Commentary thread for that “Describe your game in five words” thread.

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(he, him)
Sunday: Climactic fight left on knife-edge.
The final fight overran, but finally ended with both PCs unconscious but alive and stable. The enemies did not finish them off, because they wanted to forcibly convert them to the worship of an evil tree (as they themselves had been forcibly converted). Fortunately for the PCs, the cultists underestimated how quickly one of the PCs would come around. He was able to heal himself a little, attempt to heal his colleague, and retreive his weapon before being discovered.

Wednesday: One player won final fight.
We do not normally have a session on Wednesdays, but all three of us happened to be online at the same time so we had a slightly impromptu text-chat-only session (well, I updated the map as people moved, but I am not sure anyone else was looking at it. Unfortunately, despite feedin the other PC a potion of CLW, it was insufficient to get her back on her feet so Jonah was had to fight the two remaining villains solo. Fortunately, neither of them had many hp (1st level NPCs) so one good hit took them down. In exchange, the PC took one hit, which he was just about able to tank.

The other PC's player was present through out, and actually rolled initiative, but since the first attempt to revive him failed and there was no time for a second attempt until the fight was over, he was only able to shout type encouragement.

Anyway, with a bit of wrap-up via email and Discord, winning that fight marked the end of The Sunless Citadel. Next sunday we start on the Savage Tide adventure path (with the same group, but I am a player this time). The plan is to alternate the two APs on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

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Sunday: Started Savage Tide, as player.
Fairly self-explanatory. This temporarily replaces the Path of Ashardalon/Sunless Citadel AP that I had been running, and which had just wrapped up chapter 1 - the plan is to alternate on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Both are being played in PF1. There are two players and two characters; the characters are gestalt, with a couple of other extra benefits to make up for the fact their are only two of us.



B/X Known World
“Looks dangerous. Let’s go home.”

For the love of…

If you’re playing an adventure game, make an adventurer. Otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Troll's Necklace of Missiles exploded.
Still playing the Pathfinder AP Kingmaker, under GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, working through the troll base in the forest. We'd got as far as the last two trolls: one with lots of rock crystals growing through its skin that was in their larder, and the leader, who had magical armour, weapon, and a Necklace of Missiles. We found that out when he threw one at us; our wizard promptly got ingenious about setting the rest of it off while he was still wearing it.

As the wizard said, "I'd like to point out that when I started this plan, I was further from you!" The troll survived , although pretty scorched. We did likewise, although we were less scorched, since we were further away. The problem was the ceiling, since we weren't in the nice solid dwarf-built part of the base, but the rather under-engineered spaces the trolls had dug for themselves. Nobody died of the collapse, since it was earth, not rocks, although the necromancer had to be dug out, and it was easier to make a shaft to the surface to get the loot out than re-make the tunnels.


(he, him)
Thursday: Only one returning previous character.
We started a CoC adventure that the GM wrote themselves, as a short "palate cleanser" between chapters of Shattered Star. It was a sequel of sorts to a previous adventure run on the same basis. Unfortunately, my character died in the previous installment, as did one of the others'. Another guy could not find his previous character sheet and decided to go with a pregen, and another had an unexpected visit from the inlaws and could not make the session - since we had not started the current adventure, it was simpler to just have him join us next week.

All of which meant only one character from the previous adventure was actually present for the continuing exploits of Flint's Detective Agency. We should have two next week.

(The original version of the quoted post was slightly hyperbolic, until I remembered "Micky the Nose" did in fact turn up.)

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Vehicle Deploys Smoking Wizard Kite
This one seemed worth explaining. We are doing The Fall of Elturel and were riding demonic, soul-powered, Mad Max-themed vehicles through a mountainous hellscape.

Suddenly, we were beset upon by fiendish Arokakra who were dropping rocks on us.

Not sure what to do, we came up with a plan to levitate our newly acquired 'smoking bottle' above the vehicles by a rope while we drove, making it more difficult for the Arokokra to hit us with the rocks. It never occurred to us to cast the spell on the actual bottle so the wizard, instead, cast it on himself while holding the bottle in his hand.

We drove at break-neck speeds through a mountain pass with our wizard being pulled along behind us like a smoking kite. The Arokokra, unable to mark our vehicle through the smoke, were forced fly down and land on our vehicle. They tried to cut the rope but the wizard blindly cast Grease on the car, sending fiends flying everywhere.

We barely made it out alive.
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Dr Magister

Eschers nearly eaten by ripperjacks.

In my on-going sandbox Necromunda game, the PCs' House Escher gangers went exploring the domes around their holestead. They encountered outlaws and a Delaque hermit (although all they saw of him was his booby traps and the red dot of his laser sight), before almost getting eaten alive by a ripperjack swarm.

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