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Community Supporter Account pricing


First Post
Hi there,

I was checking the various prices of the community supporter accounts since my current subsciption will expire next month.
I noticed that the proces don't seem to be very lgical. For instance, the 2 year supscription in euros is way more expensive than any 3 year account.
Also, the price difference between 2 and 3 years is smaller in GB than in US dollars.
What also strikes me as odd is the big differences between the currencies for each duration.
Is there a brilliant marketing strategy behind these differences or are the amounts incorrect?

For quick reference: I found the following prices:
1 year subscription
$ 39.99
£ 19.99
€ 25.00

2 year subscription
$ 74.99
£ 57.99
€ 85.50 (!)

3 year subscription
$ 99.99
£ 59.99
€ 69.99


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