Gamers Wanted! Complete newbie looking for an online game

Some Werecat

Good time of day! My name is Igor and as it happens I live in a second world country. I really like the idea of DnD-type game, but there is no opportunity for me to play it face-to-face. Long story short, I am looking for people willing to introduce me to this hobby. Looking forward to playing with you, strangers.
Hi, it may not be what you're looking for, but I own/run 'Arelith' It's the number 1 'Neverwinter Nights' D&D server using a modified 3rd addition ruleset.

We really try to appeal to tabletop players that can't get round a table, and have players throughout the world. It's all community based (so there's no financial aspect). My involvement orgininally came from a similar situation to your own; having moved country I found myself unable to continue playing conventional RPGs.

What we have isn't better of course, but it can be an alternative.

I won't go into too much detail as only just joined this forum and not sure what the policy is on posts like these. We do have a website though, and I guess the best introduction to us is probably covered in this Vice Waypoint article: There's a PC Gamer article too you can search for, or if you have any other questions I'll try to answer them here.