Looking for Players for Introduction Campaign into new TTRPG Destiny of Celtara

Paul_that guy

First Post

I have posted a thread about my new TTRPG yesterday (take a look in the Promotion/Press section) and now I'm looking for players for a fun weekly or bi-weekly group.

DoC is a cyberpunk/scifi/mystery game with a unique setting. The game is more rule heavy, think Pathfinder not DnD 5e, but is designed to be played without calculators or degrees in math. Take a look at the official website at doc-universe.com to get a first impression.

  • games will be online (voice chat, no camera), I'm currently using Tabletop Simulator for this
  • language is English, as is all the source material
  • game sessions will be between 2-4 hours, because we all have a life
  • 3-4 players ideally but if less show up will make do
  • full introduction into the system and character creation
  • dates will depend on the time tables of the players

It is not easy to get into something new but I'm the creator of the system so you get introduced by the original source.
I'm happy to answer your questions about the game etc. beforehand.


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