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Help me! I Cannot stop myself! :p
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A couple of quick questions for @RangerWickett (or anyone else): I'm converting Adventure 7, and I'm trying to keep the wayfarer's lanterns (and planar oil) consistent throughout all adventures. Question 1) Which planes infuse the oil of the lanterns in the glacial rifts? (mood lighting, pp. 102 of the PF1 version) My guess would be the moon and the sun for pacification/invigoration. 2) I was under the impression that that lantern were rare and precious devices (cfr. adventure 4). I know that they are going to become widespread in the third Act... it is intentional that so many powerful items are here in Knutpara? Or I can assume that this are weaker version and that they cannot be removed from location? (and consequently stat them as "consumable" minor lanterns?


My solution:

Sidebar: Mood Lighting​

Areas S and V are lit by evenly-spaced minor wayfarer’s lanterns that cover the entire area. Minor lanterns work as wayfarer’s lanterns, except that they don’t have the Artifact trait and once activated, if they are moved from their position they lose all magical powers and become mundane hooded lanterns. Minor lanterns are worth only 200 gp.

Lanterns in both areas are fueled by long-burning attuned lantern oil (DC 20, 24-hour duration). Lanterns in Area V emanate the Vona (alternate) effect; lanterns in Area S emanate the Av (alternate) effect. See the planar attunement sidebar on the GM’s guide.

Persistence and Resistance. Grappa can teach the party how to better resist wayfarer’s lantern effects in the future. A creature that did not critically succeed on their original saving throw against a lantern effect, can spend an Action with the Concentrate trait to reroll the saving throw with a +2 bonus. They must take the last result. This action can be attempted up to three times per lantern’s effect.

Regarding rarity and power level, I don't think the lantern really qualifies as an artifact by normal D&D/Pathfinder conception. It was one of a kind originally, but really it's not that mind blowing. What ends up being powerful is the continental network of lighthouse sized lanterns that help stabilize the transition to the new planar order and subdue the populace in act three.

I think your design (and the attunement effects in your GM's guide) work well. I think you could concoct a reason for the minor lanterns not being so strong. Something like:

"These lanterns aren't quite as powerful as a normal wayfarer's lantern, and cannot overcome natural local energies without a lot of preparation. A character can calibrate the lantern to a specific location by spending 8 hours and making a {insert appropriate check for PF2 here}. Until that time, the lantern can produce no magical effects, and if it is moved more than 30 feet, the calibration is disrupted."

I believe my original idea for the lanterns in the glacial rift was that they were using oil derived from meteorites that landed from worlds other than the ones that orbit in the star system. The researchers tried a whole slew of rocks they found out on the glaciers, and when they discovered the plane that does the pacification, they were able to locate it with divination and point a planar telescope at it to infuse more oil, mass producing the stuff for the Ob conclave and later the big lighthouses.

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