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COmputer Shopper Article mentions Bards and Sages/Power Word: Print


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Several weeks ago, I was contacted by a reporter doing a story regarding print on demand technology. The article recently rand in the UK's Computer Shopper..

Earlier you could read the entire article with no problem, but a couple people have mentioned the site trying to make them register. So this is the excerpt of note:

Others have found ways of integrating POD into their businesses. Writer and publisher Julie Ann Dawson explained: "I run a small indie press [called] Bards and Sages. Much of what I do is in the print RPG (role-playing game) industry, which is a small niche market in the hobby industry. Print-on-demand services allow me to make products available to our niche market without having to waste money on large inventories."

Dawson's POD site storefront also acts as a creative focal point. "Many RPG designers have joined with our company to launch Power Word: Print, which uses the storefront to serve as a one-stop portal to help gamers find print versions of their favourite games without having to hunt at a dozen different sites," she said

Of course, the writer edited my full comments, so it's not 100% clear Power Word: Print is a completely separate portal from Bards and Sages. And I don't know why he replaced digital with print, but hey, it was a nice, positive article.

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