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Conversion To-Do List


That's the Savage Coast version.

Just FYI, the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium Fachan and the Dragon #89 Fachan are basically the same monster, only the Coastal version is somewhat tougher (higher STR, two more HD) and may have Red Curse abilities like most Savage Coast creatures.

I'd probably do them both as one entry if/when we get around to converting them, with the SC version in a subentry.

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Skeleton, Archer
Well what do you know, I happened to have the text all typed out already and just needed to add some formatting codes.

It's almost like I've been wanting to convert it for ages…

Okay, obviously we start with a standard SRD Human Skeleton and jazz it up a bit.

I'd give it more than the 2 HD of the original. Maybe 5 or more? It needs a somewhat decent BAB and enough HP to survive for more than a round.

Will post a blank monster entry as a Working Draft.

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