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Converting your paperbacks to hard covers

I've noticed that the covers on modern paperback game books (especially PODs) feel really light weight even compared to older paperback game manuals like Mekton Z or the BESM series, so I thought about converting a couple of mine (Champions Complete and Powers, specifically) to hard covers. I know there are professional businesses that handle such things, but oddly enough they want to get paid for their time and I'm kinda broke, especially when there's so many parts of this collectible textbook game hobby I haven't got yet :D

So, I turned to the repository and font of all human knowledge, YouTube! After a couple hours of poking around and staunchly resisting getting sidetracked, this appears to be the most concise yet useful video on the topic, since it specifically addresses so-called "perfect bound" (IE single pages glued together at the spine, easy to manufacture but also prone to losing single pages or breaking into smaller chunks as they wear) paperbacks:


Has anyone else tried such an operation? How did it turn out? Any tips or warnings to share?