D&D General Copper Dragon Pranks?

I am going to have a copper dragon and a family of eccentric dwarves have a prank war (possibly spanning multiple dwarf generations). The plan is for the dwarves to try roping the party into being part of one of their pranks.

The problem is that I realize I am not very experienced with pranks in general, let alone the kind of pranks a copper dragon might employ. I come beseeching the hive mind for ideas on the kind of pranks the copper dragon may pull on the dwarves, and what pranks would the dwarves pull in retaliation! XD

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I suppose I should emphasize this is not the steriotypical dwarf family. This family in particular is extremely playful in a strange introverted kind of way. They find the dragon's pranks hysterical, and try to return the favor, each trying to one-up the other. Though I would like to think that the dwarves are not very good at pranking, and the dragon thinks it's more adorable to watch them flownder and try than actually be impressed by the pranks.
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The dragon sneaks into the mine with a few chunks of ore from its hoard, and melts them into the walls to make the dwarves think they've found a valuable new seam.

It changes the signposts around the mine to indicate that they mine and sell coal, and directs travelers to them wanting to purchase fuel.

It finds annoying-but-not-very-dangerous creatures from within its territory, and air-drops them into the vicinity of the mine.


Here are some ideas from a similar conversation from reddit:

I'd think long term pranks. Things that take days, weeks, months, years or decades to pay off. The dragon takes mortal form and hide treasure maps pointing to a fake treasure in the Dwarves Halls - and then plants them across the globe. I'd also have him overestimate the durability of mortals.

The dragon redirects a waterway so that it slowly cuts into the ground - and eventually floods part of the dwarven settlement.

Taking mortal (dwarven) form and wooing a dwarven leader for a prolonged period.


Lol, sure, the stereotypical dwarf, but these are excentric dwarves. They are the "I have so much free time I don't know what to do with myself" types.

Added an edit to the beggining. ;)
I would have them build a giant distilery/brewery around his lair so big he cant get out and then keep him constantly drunk.

EDIT: Have the dwarves do it while hes sleeping, figure its gonna be a 30-50 nap. Easily done right under his nose. Pretty sure in one edition or another one of the draconomicons gave the length of dragons sleep, at the very very least the % chance theyll be sleeping when encountered.
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I once had an ancient faerie dragon wait until a PC had climbed up to their rocky cliff nest, and then polymorph them into a hippopotamus. The fun came in the knowledge that the falling damage was just enough to break the polymorph on impact, without carrying over excessive damage to the PC.

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