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CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).


Cadet T'Laan

T'Laan is an incredibly intelligent vulcan cadet in Starfleet Academy from the Kelvin Timeline. Though she had initially wanted to return to her people and help in the settling of New Vulcan, her experience with her fellow cadets convinced her to stay in the academy and Starfleet. She specializes in the science division and has a specialty in shielding technology, finding new ways to improve or find new uses for shielding technology. T'Laan is currently looking for new shielding methods and will work with Federation or independent allies

Cadet T'Laan
Smart Ord 2/Dedicated 1
CR: 2;
Type: Medium sized Vulcan;
HD: 2d6+2 plus 1d6+1 HP ;
Mass: 12;
Init: +3;
Speed: 35 ft;
Defense: , touch , flat-footed (+3 Dex, +1 Class);
BAB: +1;
Grap: +1;
Attack: +1 melee (1d3 nonlethal, unarmed strike), or +4 ranged type 1 phaser (varies);
Full Attack: +1 melee (1d3 nonlethal, unarmed strike), or +4 ranged type 1 phaser (varies);
Special Attacks:
SQ: Vulcan traits, Objective Defense, Thorough Scans
FS: 5 ft by 5 ft;
Reach: 5 ft;
AL: Federation, Starfleet;
SV: Fort +1, Ref +, Will +2;
AP: 0;
Rep: +2;
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 10;
Occupation: Academic (Computer Use, Knowledge Technology, Research)
Skills: Computer Use +12, Concentration +1, Decipher Script +5, Investigate +3, Knowledge (physical sciences) +10, Knowledge (technology) +13, Listen +6, Profession +4, Read/Write English, Read/Write Vulcan, Read/Write (Andorian), Repair +7, Research +8, Search +7, Speak English, Speak Vulcan, Spot +3, Survival +2*
Feats: Educated , Personal Firearms Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Planetary Adaptation: Barren World, Nerve Pinch.
Possessions: Starfleet Uniform, PADD (tablet sized, functions as upgraded desktop with wireless capabilities, 1 picobyte of data storage), , Type 1 phaser (TOS/Kelvin Timeline era), comm badge with built in universal translator.

Objective Defense
T'Laan can with a full round action and a Computer Use check DC 20 can improve the shields of a ship she is part of the bridge crew by giving the Shields DR 20 vs kinetic weapons for 1d6+1 rounds. For every 5 points she beats the DC, the DR is increased by +2 and duration by 1 round.

Thorough Scans
If T'Laan is operating the sensors, when scanning other ships, gains +2 to Computer Use checks to use the sensors and increases the range by 10%.

Racial Traits
Vulcans gain the Planetary Adaptation: Barren World feat (d20 Future pg 13), gaining +4 to Survival checks and Constitution checks against starvation and thirst. Vulcans can go without water and food 4 days before needing to make checks. Vulcans can gain the Nerve Pinch feat (d20 Future, pg 13) without meeting the normal requirements after reaching level 3 as one of the feats they can select.
Psionic Skills: Vulcans automatically gain the Psionic Skills feat as described in Urban Arcana. (The character gains the following class skills, as described under the Telepath advanced class: Autohypnosis, Concentration.)
Psionic Abilities: Vulcans are naturally gifted in psionics. Vulcans, with some training (typically at least 40 years old), will have the following psionic powers: Lesser Mindlink, Force Mindlink, Detect Thoughts, Detect Psionics. However these abilities require that the Vulcan touch the recipient except Detect Psionic, and able to use these powers with no power points 3 plus Int modifier times per day, and takes 1d4 rounds to use the power. This is in addition to any other psionics the character may be able to cast from other psionic classes. Vulcans who don't take any psionic classes will have a base of 4+ Int modifier power points. Vulcans that take psionic classes gain a bonus 10 power points if starting at level one with a psionic class, plus at any level they gain in a psionic class they gain +1 power points per level.
Lowlight Vision: Vulcans can see farther in low-light conditions than other races.
Low Oxygen Adaptation: Vulcans can function fine while within a low oxygen environment, and when using stored oxygen, such as while wearing an environmental sealed suit such as a space suit, they can extend the breathable time by 25% since they require less air. However this makes them more susceptible to air borne toxins, however if they failed their save to the toxins or poisons they can make another save the next round at +1 due to their powerful immune system.
Inner Eyelids: Vulcans have an inner eyelid that protects their eyes, while in conditions with dirt, sand and other particles in the air, such as in desert environments, they are not affected as their eyes are protected. This also gives them protection against harsh lighting conditions, such as flash grenades or extremely bright light, such as in deserts or on planets with brighter normal sun light. Grants +2 to all such saves.
Mental Training: Vulcans, as part of their training to suppress their emotions and follow logic, are also able to, through will power, able to control much of their bodily functions. Making a Concentration check, the Vulcan is able to perform several feats: DC 15 and entering a trance-like state, able to increase their healing ability to Fast 1 for 1d4 rounds +1 round per round of additional concentration to a maximum of 10 additional rounds; DC 18, able to enhance either their Strength or Dexterity by +2 for 1d4 rounds; DC 20, enter a trance-like state for 2d6 rounds and able to purge their body of any poisons or toxins that have a save DC less than 17. Diseases and poisons or toxins with a save DC higher than 17 require the Vulcan to enter the trance for 2d6 hours.
Logic: Due to their training in logic and suppressing their emotions, Vulcans gain Concentration, Diplomacy and up to two Knowledge skills as class skills, and if they already are class skills they gain +1 bonus to those checks. If a Vulcan make a Concentration check DC 16 before attempting any Craft or Research checks, for every 5 points they beat the Concentration DC grants a +1 bonus to those checks as the Vulcan is super focused and using their logic to assist in making those skills/attempts more efficient.
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Absolutely LOVE coming to this thread! So much awesome stuff from the videogames I've played over the years. Has anyone ever figured out an approximation of the Spider Tanks from Watch Dogs?


A stubby looking light jet with four projectile weapons, two under the nose is pods, two under the wings. A potent laser is mounted in the nose but has limited payload. While the wings are short, they are nearly the length of the craft which helps provide decent lift, with two tiny rear wings and short tail. The Sparrow isn't particularly fast, but surprisingly maneuverable, and decently armoured. A few variants are available. The Sparrow is about 6 squares long, fuselage is 2 squares wide, with a total wingspan of 5 squares wide, providing full cover to the pilot.

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 30 lbs
Init: -3
Maneuver: -2
Top Speed: 350 (35)
Defense: 7
Hardness: 15
Hit Points: 35
Size: G
Purchase DC: 41
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Accessories: 5 hour air supply, military radio, 4 20mm cannons, 1 laser
Notes: Can not fire 20mm cannons while the heavy laser is firing, nor fire laser while using 20mm cannons.

WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrRate of FireMagazine
20mm cannons (4 fire-linked8d1020Ballistic150 ftS100 rds ea
Heavy Laser8d8*20Fire200 ftSIngle*20 shots

Heavy Laser
This laser fires a heavy beam for 3 rounds instead of a single blast, but suffers -2 to attack rolls, plus an additional -2 for every 20 difference in speed the target is faster than the Sparrow, or a +1 to strike for every 10 difference in speed the Sparrow is faster than the target. If it strikes the same target each round successfully, deals an additional +2d8 damage each additional strike, for a maximum of 12d8 on the third successful round of striking. On the second round of successfully striking the target, the critical damage modifier is increased to x3, and if a second critical strike on the third round the critical modifier is x4.

Sparrow Mk2
The Mk2 has a slight upgrade in weapons and armour, making it slightly slower than the original.
Make the following changes to a Sparrow to make a Sparrow Mk2:
Increase hit points to 40;
Reduce speed to 340 (34);
Replace 2 nose 20mm cannons with 2 30mm cannons;
Heavy Laser capacity increased to 25;
PDC +1.
Note: Can not fire 30mm cannons with any other weapons.
NameDamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrRate of FireMagazine
20mm Cannon (2 fire-linked)6d1020Ball150 ftS120 rds ea
30mm Cannons (2 fire-linked)6d1220Ball150 ftS

Sparrow Mk3
The Mk3 is similar to the original Sparrow but instead of changing weapons, it has other improvements in improved engines for increased speed, an improved targeting systems. The Mk3 also has a defensive system that releases multiple laser blasts around it to ward off farther attacks.
Make the following changes to a Sparrow mk1 to make a Mk3:
Increase speed to 375 (37);
Gain +1 to attack rolls for all built-in weapons;
Add Defense Burst;
PDC +1.

Defense Burst
This devise has multiple laser emitters that when the equipped vehicle suffers a certain amount of damage, fires and fills an area around the vehicle with laser fire. When the vehicle suffers 50% damage (17 points of damage after damage reduction) it fires, dealing 4d8 points of fire damage to a 100 ft radius area, Reflex save DC 16 for half.